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Dear you...

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You are not fat & ugly. You are beautiful. You only say you're ugly because that guy left you. I say I'm ugly too because a girl left me. Many times I don't give a shxt anymore about life. I don't even care if I have a purpose anymore. I lost a friend on instagram because she unfollowed me & she doesn't talk to me anymore, so I think getting to know people on the internet is trash just as much as it is in real life. I'm tired of being disappointed in how people can be. I'm tired of being nice to people. All I really want to do is hate people & tell them I hope their house catches on fxire.

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Pain and discomfort lasts temporarily but regret lasts for ever. Rather than living in past focus on present and hope that future will be much prosperous than present..

That's what I believe. Why else would we be spending half of our life being soaked in suffering if it leads to nothing prosperous in the future. It would just make suffering a normal thing. But it shouldn't be seen as normal because it can turn normal girls into lesbians & boys into desperate perverts.

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In case you didn’t know, there are many blessings all around you. The world is full of beauty, and choosing to embrace your blessings will allow you to see all the good that you’ve been given. Being thankful for the blessings in your life fills your heart with peace, joy and hope.

Ofc. I'm always thankful. The only thing I'm not thankful for is when my family argues with each other. Sometimes it turns violent.

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To you...

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It makes me sad that you cry because of you know who. Just because he left, doesn't mean you're ugly or anything. When I look at your selfies, all I see is........mmm BEAUTY. YOU ARE HOT. You have a face that I could kiss for hours. Stop crying. I lost someone too, but when I hear about other people crying like I do, it makes me forget about my own sadness & realize that I'm not alone in this world. Everyday I feel like shxit because I can't have the girl I want. She doesn't talk to me anymore & everyday has become a battle for me to be happy & just move on. I go outside & I can't enjoy the beauty of nature anymore because I would think about her. Now you tell me that you cry because you had a bf. I never knew that. But you gave me the opportunity to see you the way I see myself...hurt. But love, you are beautiful inside & out. I like you a lot. I think you have a beautiful personality. Everybody does something wrong to someone but we have to be strong no matter what. I would date you without hesitation. I would make you laugh & forget about your ex. I'm sorry he left you. @MahnoorKhan785

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yes ofcourse

In the name of love - U2
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
With or Without You - U2
Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
Power of Love - Celine Dion
Like A Prayer - Madonna
La Isla Bonita - Madonna
Dropped A Bomb On Me (ghetto song but it's catchy to me)
Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
Shine - Collected Soul
Alive - Pearl Jam
This is just a few out of a 100+

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