Ask @bbbeckers:

Yeah I’m a Currently single college student who most likely gets bullied or teased on and didn’t have a roommate and doesn’t like crazy parties in college💖😢

I’m sorry your having trouble but I’m not the person you should be telling this to. There’s counselors on campuses that provide professional help

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+1 answer in: “the girls didn’t ask me out or thought I wasn’t special and weren’t interested in me💖😒”

Because its a normal thing we all feel sometimes. And because someone you do know can take and spread all this about you around, or hurt you with it. I literally cant, so its not going to hurt anything to be open about stuff you never are about.

Uh okay whatever. I’m not going say I don’t because that would be false but I do have class enough to keep those aspects of my life private. I really have no clue why you want to know about my sex life but I am attracted to men and am sexually mature.

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