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HI Miss glimmer, I am a fan since 2013 I think? I started to read your work, RNK. kahit ilang beses ko na sya inulit ang ganda pa din tho nakakabitin kasi yung past chap e puro hindi magagandang bagay I hope may book 2 ito. And sya nga po pala friend ko kayo sa fb pero hindi ko na kayo makita >.<

Oh, thanks! Past fb was reported. For the nth time. I rly dunno if I'm doing sth wrong tho. Lol

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This is not really a question but I just want to thank you for inspiring me to write my own works. Ikaw po talaga ang nagmulat sakin para magsulat ng sarili kong stories. Your stories aren't cliche and the twists are mind-blowing enough to drive me crazy. I'm a guy. And I love you and your works! ♥

This is so kind and heartwarming. Tho I neither have ultra unique stories and mindfvcking twists. They're pretty cartoon and unreal tho haha. :) But thanks :*

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