Ask @BboyIzilla:

You're in the process of making a band, and you've just shut down the studio. What crazy thing will you make your artists do to reopen it?

I'd make them engage in a 5 hour rock dance [uprock] battle. They will be dehydrated after a while, so it's imperative that I drop buckets of water on them. If they survive the trial sans touching a band mate. Then I will bless them.

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If you could choose a special talent, what would you pick?

I've been listening to a lot of sports interviews for some reason and a great deal of great athletes seem to be incredibly competitive. Not only this, but they seem to choose partners that are just as competitive, in some other facet of life, as they are.
I don't know if "the want to be competitive" is a special talent, but it currently intrigues me so much.

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What do you think about recycling?

[TW: my childhood] When I was a teenager in high school. One of my first jobs was picking up trash in parks with ex-cons. I learned a lot. Saw a lot. But when we had to go do daily drop offs at the Cleveland west side landfill. I remember dumping tires and trash on top of hills of and mounds of garbage. I remember seeing giant paper and plastic cubes of bound soon-to-be recycled masses in the same landfill. One day, I remember walking down a hill of recycle plastic bags and seeing a human part of a baby. A leg I think. My friend thought it was a finger, which we saw often. We ran to the truck to tell the driver and he looked at us and said:
"I'm sorry you had to see that."
We sat quietly. The Gap Band was playing on the radio. Before we got dropped off at the school we got jobs from. I looked at my friend and whispered.
"I fucking hate recycling."

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