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Do you play video games? If so, which games (genre, or the name of the game) do you enjoy playing?

I played Asteroids and Space Invaders as a kid, but don't play video games as an adult. I would actually like to, but I just don't have the time.

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Who are some of the best reporters in the city?

Linda Lutton, Sarah Karp, Angela Caputo, David Kidwell, Tim Novak, Ben Joravsky, Mick Dumke, Jim DeRogatis ... I'm sure I'm missing some.

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What do you think of DNAinfo Chicago coverage compared to other media outlets?

They cover a lot of stories that don't otherwise get covered because they are simply in the field where others aren't. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the coverage is junior reporter Chamber of Commerce stuff, or embarrassingly hyper local. Their mission doesn't seem to be serious journalism, even if they stumble on it at times.

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Gut feeling on who wins this mayoral election?

50-50. Rahm seems to be extending his lead in the (unreliable) polls, but we learned last time around that he doesn't have the turnout operation some of us thought he did. But Chuy needs a game-changer, or two half-game changers - and fast. A Toni Preckwinkle endorsement would help.

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