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Your ASK is very entertaining and informative! Thanks- learned alot about blogging business through this. Hope to read up on more. Any tips to be a bankable blogger? I know you can if you wanted to!

Thanks for the vote of confidence pero clearly, hindi naman :))
How to be bankable: be a celebrity. Otherwise: be pretty, take good photos, invest in your blog (as in actual money), update constantly, be stubborn in ways that haters won't get you to dull your shine.

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ibig sabihin po ba non every post nila kumikita na sila? how to earn from blogging po ba ms tellie? thanks for answering. it helps a lot in my project - focus ko kasi business of blogging po with subtopics on beauty and fashion bloggers. thank you.

I don't know how ridiculous this sounds coming from me who doesn't earn from my blog but I think the way to earn from blogging is to be a celebrity. The sad reality is, blogging as a hobby or passion doesn't pull the same audience as somebody with name-recognition or mass exposure. I've seen a lot of witty people online but they're not as bankable as Ramon Bautista.
Likewise, there are a LOT of extremely beautiful fashion blogs out there but according to hearsay only a handful (ex. Tricia Gosingtian, Camille Co, Laureen Uy, etc.) earn big bucks from their blogs. Not just from the posts themselves, but also from appearances and endorsements. I've asked a few beauty bloggers and the general trend is that they earn their income from day jobs or freelance work.
Like all businesses, you need that certain x-factor and you have to have it all if you want to actually make money off a blog. It's easy to start up a blog and fish for freebies but a huge, huge percentage of bloggers swim in freebies without really getting workable income (unless they monetize, in which case I have no clue about that so don't ask me.) They say Youtube is much more profitable but you'd have to ask the YT gurus about that. Genzel has YT.

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What's the beauty product you've always wanted to get but still haven't? Why haven't you gotten it?

Marielle O
Hard question! I always have a point where if I'm wanting it too much, I just go out and get it... but otherwise I always feel like I can hold back on buying and apply the 1 or 3 month rule indefinitely. Yesterday I bought MAC paint pots, and they've been on my "list" for around 1 year now.
I guess the closest I have is Koh Gen Doh foundations? And it's not even because of being super impressed with the product (though it does look lovely!) I just want to get it on Beauty Bar's huge sale :))

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