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Everyone knows that he's cheating except you wake up bel

Wow. Who is everyone? And if you are calling me "bel" I suppose you are someone I know? If you needed to direct this advice to me, there is no point being anonymous. Unless you have physical evidence, I will not take your words.

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What is your dream job?

Fashion stylist/designer and jewellery designer

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Your boyfriend cheated?

I don't get your question.

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What is your definition of cheating in a relationship?

When one has emotional feelings and thoughts of another person other than their partner, that would already be the start of cheating in a relationship.

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Hi babe! Do you wear contact lenses? Like colored ones!

Yes I do! But not recently cuz I havent had time to get contact lenses :-(

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Which is the place that you have always wanted to visit?

I don't have a particular one but I'm thinking of faraway places like the states. And big cities like New York City and Paris, etc. It will be a long list because I want to travel the world! Talking about these makes me go a little crazy inside because I feel so small in this world. Haha

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bel i have to end it with my boyf and i really want to do so face to face cos i feel like after all we've been through, i want to at least give him that amount of respect instead of over a call or text, which feels very insincere. but it's so hard, how do i do it

Hey. I'm so sorry to hear this. It must be extremely hard on you. I know it takes courage and all these words I'm typing probably wouldn't be able to really get you to do it. BUT. Pick a day, and plan what you're going to do. Tell him, meet at a fixed time, at a fixed place. I may not know the reason to why you have to end the relationship but every ending creates another open door for you. It is going to be a new chapter, a new phase, a new space for you to find yourself and gain closure. Dress your best and look in the mirror on that very day and tell yourself you can do it. You love yourself more, over a guy who can make you feel this terrible. You want this to end, for yourself and no one else. You can overcome anything as long as you treasure your own existence.

When you eventually meet him, take a deep breath and calmly tell him, "This is going to be hard to hear and I know we've been been through a lot but, I need to end this today." Other things in context I'll leave it to you to handle what to say. You may break down and cry or stumble over your words, trying to complete any sentence you start speaking BUT once you get all those words off your chests, say goodbye AND WALK AWAY. (This is the most important step.) No matter if you feel like dying and the world comes crashing down on you, just take that step to turn around and walk away. I don't know where you will go right after this, be it home or out with a friend, please do not do foolish things!!!

I don't know if I'm sounding too dramatic but I hope I helped, even if it's a little bit. I wish you all the best. You deserve someone better no matter if you think otherwise. Good luck, :)

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where do you thrift in singapore?

Salvation Army, New 2 U, different flea markets especially neighborhood ones because then it wouldn't be those blogshop stuff but actual vintage kinds!

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Hi bel, do you feel that long distance relationships would work? I would like to hear your opinion on that :)

Hi, whoever you are, I'm sorry I took 8 days to get back to you. My opinion on long distance relationship is quite neutral. I've never been in one but I guess I can put myself in that position and think likewise. I feel that if you have a partner overseas, then you must count on him/her to also be with you at heart. If one does not make time for the other to webcam/chat online etc, both are bound to go out more often, meet new people and eventually forget about their partners. I don't know what's the best, foolproof method but if it was me, I would always find time to chat with my partner and make sure that he does the same. And that he still feels the same way for me. Or maybe you can write occasional letters over so that he/she still feels the connection between you guys and the sincerity + effort put in. Just because your partner is not in the same country doesn't mean that you can act like you're not in a relationship so always put yourself in check. If you really want it to last, talk to your partner to ensure he is putting in the same amount of effort, if not, more. If you are currently in a long distance relationship, I wish you all the best! Many always say long distance relationships don't work out but they never talk of those which did. Again, if it really doesn't work out, don't fret, it just means he/she is not the one. :-)

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What's your curfew?

I don't really have a curfew but it's best that I don't come home at like 2+ or later cuz my dog will bark!!!

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been like 2 months since i last saw my boyf cos of our conflicting schedules (im studying hes working) and its reached a point where hes not bothered to try. i really dw to lose him but its tough to constantly be the one putting in effort when its not returned. what to dooooo

Talk to him about this!!! You will never know what he's thinking if you do not ask. Ask him where this is going. ("this" being your relationship with him). If he really treasures you, he would definitely squeeze out time just to see you. I know it may be tough if you get an answer that you don't want to hear but perhaps he may have his own problems too. Do let me know how things turned out after you get to talk things out with him. All the best :-)

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Who's your childhood friend?

Kimmie and my cousin, Gerald!

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Will you ever fall in love with your ex bf's good friend?

Nope. And btw I don't have an ex bf, haha

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hi! how would you oppose to this question: "money is the root to all evils" ? Thanks in advance!

Hey i'm so terrible sorry for the late reply. If this is for a school work, I hope I'm not too late. There are more than 1 way to oppose this but my take on this is to think about what kind of evil there are in this world. And see if you can trace it back to money. One of such I can think of is sexual assault or more serious offences like rape and then murder. Usually if there isn't any complexity in the situation, it most probably pin points to the offender's state of mind (being psycho, etc) and that it all lies in some kind of sad story of theirs that makes their behavior. And you know, money most of the time isn't the reason to rape. There are other reasons but I thought I shall start you off with this! Hope I helped!

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Have you tried smoking? And will u try it if you haven't?

Nope! I never liked the idea of smoking nor the smell of it. But for the tumblr-ish pictures and the vibe of it, I'm okay with that.

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How are you feeling now bel?

I didn't have a good day today but I'm more or less relaxed now :)

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What are you going to do after your tertiary education

I'm not very sure what opportunities will come along but I guess I'll just find a job related to my course first and perhaps further my studies in a university overseas when I have the money.

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What are you doing now during school holidays?

I'm supposed to be working but laziness got the better of me. I'm currently just sorta lazing around and i only work on selected weekends. I stay home to do some DIYs or go out and hang out. I'm also taking some pictures to post on my blog!

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hi belly! i lurbz chuu x.

who are you haha

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What uk size u wear for your top and bottom? (:

Both UK 6 if I'm not wrong! :)

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Would you always wear a safety shorts under short skirts or dresses? If yes, what kind of safety shorts do u wear and where do u get them?

Yes, i do. They are all black and fitted. Like tights but short ones. I get them from different places like thailand but i do know that bugis street and departmental stores sells them!

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Who had the biggest influence on you as a kid?


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pap is post a picture

Oh haha >~< There you go!

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pap of laptop wallpaper?

what's a pap

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Hi bel, I wanna consult u about sth. I hate my bf's friends. esp this one girl. she is a lone girl in their group of 5 friends and she have been backstabbing about me to the rest of the guys and they seem to dislike me cos of it. I feel like just breaking up but i cant. What should i do?

Hmm, first of all, if you really love him and treasure your relationship, do not let anything or anybody get in between you. Especially if you and him are both doing good. Since it's just a problem with his friends, you should never make this a reason to give up being with the one you love. If it's tough, fight it. Or you would be the one regretting.

Have you mentioned this to your boyfriend? Does he know? Because you are his girlfriend and most certainly, you should be top priority. So if he does know of all these going on, he has to be the one to speak up and tell his friends that "Hey, if you're bad mouthing about other girls, i don't care but, THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND." So he should understand and tell them that if they're being such people then they CAN'T be his friends.

If he doesn't know, let him know and tell him the exact situation and how troubled you are with this. If he is all out to keep you by his side then he wouldn't hesitate to tell them off. Besides, such friends aren't worth keeping anyway.

What is the girl bad mouthing about you, actually? If you have done nothing wrong, and your bf treasures his friendship with them as well, settle it by clearing up the nasty things about you. Perhaps its a kind of misunderstanding between you and her. However, if the girl's just being a bitch then of course, have your boyfriend tell the guys that you are nothing like what she described and they should start treating you good. Or else, too bad, friendship's over. Therefore, in any case, let your bf know of the whole situation first. I hope I helped. :)

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