Hi bel, I wanna consult u about sth. I hate my bf's friends. esp this one girl. she is a lone girl in their group of 5 friends and she have been backstabbing about me to the rest of the guys and they seem to dislike me cos of it. I feel like just breaking up but i cant. What should i do?

Hmm, first of all, if you really love him and treasure your relationship, do not let anything or anybody get in between you. Especially if you and him are both doing good. Since it's just a problem with his friends, you should never make this a reason to give up being with the one you love. If it's tough, fight it. Or you would be the one regretting.

Have you mentioned this to your boyfriend? Does he know? Because you are his girlfriend and most certainly, you should be top priority. So if he does know of all these going on, he has to be the one to speak up and tell his friends that "Hey, if you're bad mouthing about other girls, i don't care but, THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND." So he should understand and tell them that if they're being such people then they CAN'T be his friends.

If he doesn't know, let him know and tell him the exact situation and how troubled you are with this. If he is all out to keep you by his side then he wouldn't hesitate to tell them off. Besides, such friends aren't worth keeping anyway.

What is the girl bad mouthing about you, actually? If you have done nothing wrong, and your bf treasures his friendship with them as well, settle it by clearing up the nasty things about you. Perhaps its a kind of misunderstanding between you and her. However, if the girl's just being a bitch then of course, have your boyfriend tell the guys that you are nothing like what she described and they should start treating you good. Or else, too bad, friendship's over. Therefore, in any case, let your bf know of the whole situation first. I hope I helped. :)

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