hi! how would you oppose to this question: "money is the root to all evils" ? Thanks in advance!

Hey i'm so terrible sorry for the late reply. If this is for a school work, I hope I'm not too late. There are more than 1 way to oppose this but my take on this is to think about what kind of evil there are in this world. And see if you can trace it back to money. One of such I can think of is sexual assault or more serious offences like rape and then murder. Usually if there isn't any complexity in the situation, it most probably pin points to the offender's state of mind (being psycho, etc) and that it all lies in some kind of sad story of theirs that makes their behavior. And you know, money most of the time isn't the reason to rape. There are other reasons but I thought I shall start you off with this! Hope I helped!

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