Hi bel, do you feel that long distance relationships would work? I would like to hear your opinion on that :)

Hi, whoever you are, I'm sorry I took 8 days to get back to you. My opinion on long distance relationship is quite neutral. I've never been in one but I guess I can put myself in that position and think likewise. I feel that if you have a partner overseas, then you must count on him/her to also be with you at heart. If one does not make time for the other to webcam/chat online etc, both are bound to go out more often, meet new people and eventually forget about their partners. I don't know what's the best, foolproof method but if it was me, I would always find time to chat with my partner and make sure that he does the same. And that he still feels the same way for me. Or maybe you can write occasional letters over so that he/she still feels the connection between you guys and the sincerity + effort put in. Just because your partner is not in the same country doesn't mean that you can act like you're not in a relationship so always put yourself in check. If you really want it to last, talk to your partner to ensure he is putting in the same amount of effort, if not, more. If you are currently in a long distance relationship, I wish you all the best! Many always say long distance relationships don't work out but they never talk of those which did. Again, if it really doesn't work out, don't fret, it just means he/she is not the one. :-)

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