bel i have to end it with my boyf and i really want to do so face to face cos i feel like after all we've been through, i want to at least give him that amount of respect instead of over a call or text, which feels very insincere. but it's so hard, how do i do it

Hey. I'm so sorry to hear this. It must be extremely hard on you. I know it takes courage and all these words I'm typing probably wouldn't be able to really get you to do it. BUT. Pick a day, and plan what you're going to do. Tell him, meet at a fixed time, at a fixed place. I may not know the reason to why you have to end the relationship but every ending creates another open door for you. It is going to be a new chapter, a new phase, a new space for you to find yourself and gain closure. Dress your best and look in the mirror on that very day and tell yourself you can do it. You love yourself more, over a guy who can make you feel this terrible. You want this to end, for yourself and no one else. You can overcome anything as long as you treasure your own existence.

When you eventually meet him, take a deep breath and calmly tell him, "This is going to be hard to hear and I know we've been been through a lot but, I need to end this today." Other things in context I'll leave it to you to handle what to say. You may break down and cry or stumble over your words, trying to complete any sentence you start speaking BUT once you get all those words off your chests, say goodbye AND WALK AWAY. (This is the most important step.) No matter if you feel like dying and the world comes crashing down on you, just take that step to turn around and walk away. I don't know where you will go right after this, be it home or out with a friend, please do not do foolish things!!!

I don't know if I'm sounding too dramatic but I hope I helped, even if it's a little bit. I wish you all the best. You deserve someone better no matter if you think otherwise. Good luck, :)

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