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He left his ex for you, he will also leave you for others. Don't you think so?

This would look bad on me trying to explain but I will because my boyfriend isn't good with his words but I know how he felt. He left his ex-girlfriend for himself and perhaps her sake. I was just the confirmation to his decision to put down his foot and say it's over to his already shaky and on-the-brink relationship. Just because i was the one who came into his life when all these happened doesn't make me the sole reason for his break up with her. He was already prepared to give it up since they were on-off in the sense of breaking up and then patching back again. In fact, she broke up with him early this March and pleaded to get back with him 3 weeks later even though he refused and only faltered partly because his best friend was called into this as well as him being soft hearted. There wasn't anything left for him in the relationship but the status of him attached was still there because he couldn't say "no". He wasn't "stolen" by me because they weren't happy in the first place, or at least for the most part he wasn't. So i strongly believe he wouldn't because I trust him and we are happy together.

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You are just a money sucker you ask your boyfriend to buy everything for you. JC shoes, rw shoes, so your relationship last as long as his money last you. Quite smart of you

It's also quite smart of you thinking that you got everything figured out. Do you also happen to know when is my next menstruation going to start? Do let me know. Just to feed your curiosity, I DO NOT ask him to buy everything for me. Perhaps sanitary pad when I run out of them(do you also know this?). It is always his own will to buy them for me even if I did not ask, and i definitely do not expect him to get me anything. As for the shoes, why do you bother? Do you want them too? I paid a sum of money together with him to purchase those. If you are feeling a little jealous, why not save up some money for yourself to get them if you haven't tried doing so? For your information, I do work and save money so don't go about thinking that I need him to do everything for me. Perhaps you are like that but I certainly am not.

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bel i have to end it with my boyf and i really want to do so face to face cos i feel like after all we've been through, i want to at least give him that amount of respect instead of over a call or text, which feels very insincere. but it's so hard, how do i do it

Hey. I'm so sorry to hear this. It must be extremely hard on you. I know it takes courage and all these words I'm typing probably wouldn't be able to really get you to do it. BUT. Pick a day, and plan what you're going to do. Tell him, meet at a fixed time, at a fixed place. I may not know the reason to why you have to end the relationship but every ending creates another open door for you. It is going to be a new chapter, a new phase, a new space for you to find yourself and gain closure. Dress your best and look in the mirror on that very day and tell yourself you can do it. You love yourself more, over a guy who can make you feel this terrible. You want this to end, for yourself and no one else. You can overcome anything as long as you treasure your own existence.

When you eventually meet him, take a deep breath and calmly tell him, "This is going to be hard to hear and I know we've been been through a lot but, I need to end this today." Other things in context I'll leave it to you to handle what to say. You may break down and cry or stumble over your words, trying to complete any sentence you start speaking BUT once you get all those words off your chests, say goodbye AND WALK AWAY. (This is the most important step.) No matter if you feel like dying and the world comes crashing down on you, just take that step to turn around and walk away. I don't know where you will go right after this, be it home or out with a friend, please do not do foolish things!!!

I don't know if I'm sounding too dramatic but I hope I helped, even if it's a little bit. I wish you all the best. You deserve someone better no matter if you think otherwise. Good luck, :)

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upload a photo of you in a bikini whoever likes it thinks you should be a model

there you go

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Have you tried smoking? And will u try it if you haven't?

Nope! I never liked the idea of smoking nor the smell of it. But for the tumblr-ish pictures and the vibe of it, I'm okay with that.

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what are your dreams?

to be a successful influencer in the fashion industry

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If you dislike someone because of their character and that person doesn't know, would you just delete them from facebook and unfollow them on instagram? What would you do?

yes i would unfollow them on any social medias! there's no point keeping up with what's going on in their life.

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bel nice dp :*

Rong Rong

aw thank u my rong rong u so sweet like daisy flowers (doesn't make sense but ya)

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who is like more clingy? you or your bf

we're somewhat equally clingy but if there was an extra point to give, i would vote myself

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Hi bel, do you feel that long distance relationships would work? I would like to hear your opinion on that :)

Hi, whoever you are, I'm sorry I took 8 days to get back to you. My opinion on long distance relationship is quite neutral. I've never been in one but I guess I can put myself in that position and think likewise. I feel that if you have a partner overseas, then you must count on him/her to also be with you at heart. If one does not make time for the other to webcam/chat online etc, both are bound to go out more often, meet new people and eventually forget about their partners. I don't know what's the best, foolproof method but if it was me, I would always find time to chat with my partner and make sure that he does the same. And that he still feels the same way for me. Or maybe you can write occasional letters over so that he/she still feels the connection between you guys and the sincerity + effort put in. Just because your partner is not in the same country doesn't mean that you can act like you're not in a relationship so always put yourself in check. If you really want it to last, talk to your partner to ensure he is putting in the same amount of effort, if not, more. If you are currently in a long distance relationship, I wish you all the best! Many always say long distance relationships don't work out but they never talk of those which did. Again, if it really doesn't work out, don't fret, it just means he/she is not the one. :-)

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Who's your childhood friend?

Kimmie and my cousin, Gerald!

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How are you feeling now bel?

I didn't have a good day today but I'm more or less relaxed now :)

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hi belly! i lurbz chuu x.

who are you haha

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does ur art need to be very good to get into ur course?

nope! i came in with no art background and so did many of my friends but we're coping just fine! :-)

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Why didn't you think of doing your diploma at lasalle? Im considering a degree there but im still unsure if I should go there though :/ What do you think of the place?

Which course are you planning to take? Actually after getting my Os result, I have always been considering between Lasalle or TP for the fashion design course. I had a hard time choosing too. I didn't enter Lasalle mainly because I have to go through an interview with 10 sketches or better still, with an outstanding portfolio for them to accept me. I'm definitely not up for that as I have never taken art in my secondary school (because they didnt offer that) and thus I have zero skills/experience for the arts.

The school fee was another thing to consider as it's definitely more expensive than Polys and thus i didn't go ahead with it. However, I do know that Lasalle has more opportunities to go overseas and internships with more companies.

As for recognition, I'm not sure which would be more recognized but I know that TP is well known as it's the only poly that offers this course and that they are doing well too. If you have a good portfolio and think that you are capable of doing well and money isn't an issue for you then go for Lasalle! :)

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Why do you like to stare? I've always wanted to smile whenever I see you around but you always stare..

LOL do i know you? So sorry about that haha. People told me i do this but i have absolutely no idea. I just do it unknowingly. I'm more or less people-watching and not staring but i always come across doing that. But in my defence, when you're quite a distance away and i'm not wearing my spectacles, that's when i tend to stare longer. Next time you see me, just wave!!!!!! At least some hand movement would let me know that you're someone I know >~<

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What makes you strong?

Knowing that I am my own person, body and thoughts. I am as capable of putting myself high up as to destructing myself. I am my own happiness. And that I have family and friends who still love and support me. That's all that ever matters.

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Why you dont let you boyfriend go to club?

what do you think?

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Totally love your fashion sense! :) always keeping a look out on your blog because pretty things give me inspiration as well xoxo

thank you sweetheart! really appreciate any positivity coming my way, thanks again <3

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What the fuck is with those people who are so concerned with Belicia's love life? Just shut the fuck up bitches and move on with your own life alright, stop interfering with Belicia's oh god. Sorry for the profanities, just had to voice this out. Stay happy with your boyfriend, you both look great!!

Finally someone else speaking up for me! Thanks so much, you made my day ☻

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you are 21 this year?

Hi babe, I would like some advice from u. I've planned an overseas with my bf after my graduation from poly next year but my parents doesn't allow bcs they are afraid we'd do something wrong (which we already did if you get my meaning). How should I convince them to let me go? I feel so controlled.

Hi! Well the important key to this is to talk to your parents in a mature tone. Gain their trust. Since you're already at least 19 years old, tell them (especially your mom cuz dads tend to be more strict) that you are old enough to be responsible and are able to differentiate right from wrong. Assure her that you know how to take care of yourself and your own body. Also, that your boyfriend is a very caring one. To be more persuasive, tell/ask them "do you trust me?" this will definitely make them think again. I hope I helped! :)

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You dont mind your bf smoking?

he doesn't smoke

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Have you been to any cool concerts lately?

nope but I believe that avril's concert next year, 2014 would be fucking awesome

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