Ask @bellasosa3:

Pic one then actually do it because I’m looking for new friends that have common interest whether it’s gaming, anime, hiking or even common interests with female who are part of LBGT world like me that I can talk to. Tired of having friends but there hardly ever around. Need to make new ones.


How do you know when you're in love?

When he the only thing you can think about when you wake up and last thing when you go sleep. When you glow everytime your phone rings and it’s their name or when your talking and you melt everytime they say your name. You know when everything you imagined starts to have them in it. I been in love with my best friend Ralphy since day one

something you wanna say to people who thinks you are jealous of them?

Not one women in this world can make me feel less then what and who I am. I see so many women compramising them self it's ridiculous...know what you bring to the table cuz with that being said you will never STARVE . There's a difference between a down bitch and a SOLID bitch ! Not one ☝️ female can make me feel jealous over them or make me want to be them. I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in !

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