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I'm like "how are you answering questions at one time" and the person responds with "it's called logging on and off" and I said, it's called how are you answering my question now if she literally just answered one??"

ikr 😂😂 and "it" won't even post a vr so automatically everyones gonna know "it's" fake cause Isabella ALWAYS posts vrs 😂😂

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omg that account is so fake😂

ikr 😂

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@raddnicole is an attention whor look at her recent

literally just admitted it was a fake account 😂

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the link in your bio doesn't take me to her

that's because she deactivated and i didn't get to change it, i'm changing it now.

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what's bells' @???


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bells isn't back it says she is still deactivated 😭


she's back yo

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Okay thank you! Can you explain to me who Cat is? Cat Nunez I think her name is

tbh i don't really like cat, so i can't really explain who she is but, she is also a person on this page who kept talking bad about bells.

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Can you please possibly explain to me who bells is

she is a person (very gorgeous) on this website who people admire. some people call her "ask famous" but she doesn't think of herself that way, she thinks of herself as an ordinary 16 year old with an account on this website who gets hate for no reason but she deals with it. her link is @B3lllsxox if you want to see her page. here is a picture of her.

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who does bells date

ant, i think.

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likers get 10 likes?


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what's her YOUTUBE

i posted it before, just scroll down.

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does bells have a YouTube?


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whats bells ig


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Suck it man

suck it hard

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do you find it weird how everything bells does Randi does too afterward. like draw on her hand the way bells does & wear the necklaces bells does. she's unoriginal.


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How fast do you fall asleep?

depends how tired i am

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How was your day


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Where'd you get your dp from

bells' ask

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