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If you were given the opportunity to ask God one question, what would you ask Him?

What did I do to deserve such lovely people in my life? I ask Him that everyday.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...." If someone wanted to show how much they loved you, what proof would satisfy you?

Be there in my rough times, through my panic attacks, my high anxiety moments, and demonstrate to me that no matter how busy my thoughts get, how convincing they may be even when they may be inconclusive, that they're there for me with open arms. There to give me words of encouragement or hold me when I am about to break down. I am high maintenance and I want the one to know that. And if he's still willing to stay with me then I would be satisfied.

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How did you spend your day?

It was spent very laid back, one of my classes was cancelled so I didn't have class until 2 👍

Name them all then :)

In no particular order, Ana, Sam, Yoly, Denise, Jackie, Alice, Kimberly, and Tori. I doubt you may know who they are but they're so important in my life, they helped me shape myself into who I am 😊

is that wrong to be nosy ? it is an question site

Unless you're interested in me then you don't need to know about my love life. And I understand this is a question site but I also get to choose what I answer and how I answer.
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0 months being never been in one or it did not last long ?

For someone I don't know, you are sure nosy about my love life.

did they know u like them ?

We might have different definitions of liking. I don't automatically associate liking someone with romantic attraction to all guys I talk to. So this question makes no sense for me. Why do they need to know I like them when all I want to do is send a picture of myself?

What is your daily routine?

Well a generalized daily routine that I have is that I wake up around 8, do a bit of studying and homework that I may have been too tired to do last night until my afternoon class(es), go to class, do more studying, and in most afternoons help out at workshops which leads me to getting home around 7:30 to study some more. Overall, if I am not sleeping or at school, I am studying.

What is the worst thing you got in trouble for as a child?

I accidentally left my house earlier than I was supposed to for school when I was younger and so my parents thought I was kidnapped.. 😅

What is your opinion on the death penalty?

I don't believe in the death penalty or in revenge. I don't believe that to take away one life one must take away another. Yes the situation could differ the responses of others when deciding to either penalizes the suspect or let them live, but while that may be the case the death penalty is too extreme, at least in the way I see it. Like I have been told from a friend, prisoners are good people who have made the wrong choice at the wrong time. I just don't think a life for a life teaches anything but fear and that life can be interchanged, which is not.

Friends, I am trying to sort out what kind of headphones to purchase for my second year of college since I enjoy listening to music while I study. Any of you have recommendations please let me know! Thanks! :)

bellsxsweets’s Profile PhotoIsabel
Let me know your thoughts!

Very wise young girl. Extremely intelligent and your powers of belief in yourself know no boundaries. You will go very far Isabel.

Thank you so much :)

#wednesdaywisdom give someone you know some advice right here

Everyone deserves to eat, if you're unhappy with the way you look or how much you weigh, there are better ways such as exercising and meditating to strengthen your relationship with your body. Don't be mean to yourself when you should be giving the most of your love towards yourself.

What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Anytime someone says they admire me, makes my heart leap with joy

What is the craziest thing you've done in public?

The weekend after my high school graduation I had a rather late but fancy dinner with my best friends and after we left it was already 10, we were all in dresses and we stopped by at Walmart to buy shoes to change from our heels and for a basketball to go play basketball at the park at midnight. We played basketball in dresses which was crazy but amazing spontaneous night.

Do any of the things that used to upset you a few years ago matter at all to you today?

I actually don't remember most of them so no lol

What was the last book you read without skipping through anything?

(Why would you want to skip through a book? Unless it's a textbook...) it was Anna and the French Kiss. My god, if I had at least a friend like St. Clair, I would be such a happy girl.

Is there anyone you secretly admire here on Ask? Now's your chance to let them know.

Not really. Though I do admire when people have genuine answers to questions, that's always nice to read.


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