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sure heck ya anyone who lkes ben 10 as much as i do

Awesome! Do you have Tumblr? Steam? Skype? Anything? I need more people to talk about Ben 10 with. :)
Liked by: Emma Wright

im only 14 lol i cant wait for tomorows ben 10 episode

Same here!! Ben 10,000, Professor Paradox, Eon, Maltruant, THE TIME WAR! OMG! (Do you want to be friends??)
Liked by: Emma Wright

when u talk to bug lite or anyone is it really bug lite or someone pretending to be bug lite or his voice actor

None of the people in the Ben 10 world have voice actors. That's just their natural voice! Lol

If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?

Me being with my two friends who I miss the most and never get to see, always being the one to get excluded.. :(
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What is your favorite way of wasting time?

Playing my Ben 10 game on ROBLOX, fighting Zakum in MapleStory or playing games with friends.


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