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What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?

When I was rock climbing and I made it to the top we had to go down so I went first and when I it was getting resting to go Down I slipped and I fell about 20feet be for I stopped an hit my head and I was upside down looking and I was scard shit list and I had to get back side ways that was really hard and I fell every time I tryed then after that 5 try I got it and I got to the ground fast ass he'll !

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girls say ur cocky. ha well u really are an no one likes you.

I don't really care I'm not there your your Srry ass who's to scared to even talk to me in person it just sound like u mad cuz I called u out and now your but hurt it ok your friends are there for u telling you lies saying that it was my lost and if no one likes me then why is it that all I hear from my good friends that all the girls like me ? Truefully I think that's not true but doesn't even matter cuz cuz I lonely love basketball and I'll give that I'm conceived how am I not suppose to be when no one likes me I only have me to care about (; haha so have fun trying to make me fell bad right now I'm on top of the world and no bitch like u can take me off it

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