What is your personal philosophy of life?

Imagine that all of a sudden that everyone on Earth except you just disappeared. For some people, perhaps those that cringe at the phrase "social interaction", this seems like it'd be a blessing. That is until you realize that the goods and services you desire, such as food and *le gasp* the internet, are no longer easily available to you. Hopefully such a thought experiment has inspired you to appreciate the actions of others. So next time you see the janitor at your workplace or school or the cashier behind the register or anyone really for that matter, give them a smile; they are either directly or indirectly making the world you live in a little bit better (^)> (There's the case where people try to make your world or the world in general a worse place, but that's for another post).
Now take the flip-side. If you have all these people that are ever so slightly contributing to make your world a little bit better, what are you doing to make the world just a little bit better? As for me, I like being helpful to others. Even if it's just answering a simple question or helping someone with a small task, the smile I see on their face or the words of gratification that they type makes it worth it. Also, keeping the butterfly effect in mind, your help/actions could resonate forward having a greater impact than what you may think. For example, I recently helped this one guy who was training to become a diving instructor how to read the dive chart he handed to me; it has information on dive depth vs time elasped vs nitrogen levels and stuff. Anyways, by helping him understand that, he can now use that knowledge for when he does become a diving instructor, perhaps preventing serious injury due to "the bends."
Lastly, sometimes helping others means helping yourself. You can't help anybody if you don't eat and starve to death. Moving on from the extreme example, one should find the time to not only take care of their basic needs, but to also satisfy other personal desires (especially those that involve self-improvement). This is a hard thing for many people, myself included; I don't even know what I want. I find satisfaction in self-improvement and in social interaction, so I spend a lot of time doing school stuff and chatting with friends (whether it be online or irl).
I probably have a million more philosophies, but I couldn't possibly put all of them, "life" is a big topic, haha. I hope I answered your question (n)>

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