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Have you ever lied about your age?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

I'd fathom that 90% or more of long term escorts shave a bit (or, in some cases, a lot) from their actual ages. However, seeing is believing and the real litmus test comes in how well you look and what age you can realistically pass for.

Do I condone lying to hurt people? No.

Do I realize that this industry sells particular fantasy by the hour? Yes.

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You just spent time in key west. you always come back with stories. what's the dirt?

Long story short: Two bottoms (them), one top (me). Whatever they were on kept their dicks as limp as cooked spaghetti, but that didn't stop me from pounding them both, back and forth, for the better part of 3 hours.

They still seemed to be having fun. I know I was.

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Will you or do you ever go back to San Antonio to visit?


Since moving to Dallas, I haven't gone back... Six months is too soon, really.

I miss the laid back lifestyle of SA: Comparatively, Dallas is a lot more like LA than South Texas. People here care way, way too much about insignificant things.

The '$30k millionaire' is something I didn't see much in San Antonio as it was a largely working class city that didn't take itself too seriously. In Dallas, it's a full time job for people to lease a $150k sports car while living in rental. I've never met so many people who live their entire lives on lines of finite credit. It's scary.

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What was the last movie you saw in the theaters and what did you think of it?

The LEGO Batman Movie. It was sharp. I wasn't expecting to laugh as much as I did.

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What recording artist might we be surprised to learn you like?

Selena Quintanilla. Thalia. Shakira (before she started singing in English). Celia Cruz. I have a huge love for Spanish language, the music and the culture.

I also love samba and bossa nova. In some ways, it's the perfect music for nearly any occasion. It can be relaxing, but also really energetic (depending on the artist).

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Can we see pics of you wearing your new CK's?

Until I get some snapshots taken, do these post-gym shots from today suffice? ;)

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Describe what has so far been the best year of your life (whichever year that may be).

I only get one year? Damn.

How about the last 13 years? My adult life has been an amazing adventure. What's amazing about it is that I'm only in my mid-30s: There is still a ton of traveling to do, adventures to have and life to live.

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Any new jockstraps added to your undies selection?

No new jocks, but I went old-school and bought a 3 pack of CK, white, hip cut briefs. Black lettering on the waistband. 1990s all the way.

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Netflix and chill?

The only thing at the moment on Netflix that's getting me to do that is The Grand Tour. Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson is funny as hell. The three of them together again is magic.

Black Mirror, House of Cards and Stranger Things were also perfect reasons to sit still for that long. Brilliant writing, great casts.

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Do you keep a diary or journal (other than your blog)?

I don't. I considered it early on in my career, but worried that it was something that could be used against me if it ever was lost and leaked out.

Escorting is an exciting, rewarding life, but it's also one where you should always think first about the long term consequence.

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What's something you didn't get caught doing as a teen that you're okay admitting to now?

When I've got the time to myself, I now-openly admit to jacking off multiple times a day. 4-5 times is no problem for me. I'm a huge fan of edging to really work up a huge load.

Some people cook. Some people knit. Some people watch The Walking Dead. I masterbuate.

Living under my parent's roof as a teen, I felt like a ninja trying to violate himself. I imagine I spent far too much time in the bathroom from the ages of 13 to 16. My parents probably worried they had a child with early onset IBS.

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What's the biggest mistake you made during your time as an escort?

'To err is human, to forgive divine.'

In that, I see forgiving yourself for the wrong moves we make to be the most important part in moving forward. You can't learn from your mistakes if you don't first own them and then put them behind you.

I've also learned not to rehash the past.

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What sex tips/techniques have you picked up from others?

You can't ever fool a set of balls. Meaning, the closer a guy is to cumming, the tighter his balls will be... A good litmus test to keep track of where someone's at. Another nut-related trick is to give them a tug down now and then, which actually prevents a guy from reaching orgasm too quickly.

Oral. It's always better with a well-choreographed hand.

Bottoming is a state of mind, not a physical talent. The muscles in your ass can comfortably expand far greater than any well-hung guy can stretch, so it's really the fear of it hurting that kills it for most people.

In escorting, you pick up a ton of verbal and nonverbal cues from watching people having their most intimate moments. It's interesting.

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What's the kinkiest thing you were asked to do in 2016?

Pay the IRS

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Do you think climate change is real?

Of course I do. I think it's one of the most looming issues facing us as a longterm species inhabiting this earth. I have fear that the current administration will put a lot of the advances we made in the last 10 years on the backburner. We shall see.

What's not real are millions of people believing that Marie Osmond lost 50 lbs with Nutrisystem. Do they also believe her tightened face was due to the miracle of eating a daily Nutrisystem meatloaf sandwich for lunch?

She's a little bit plastic... I'm a little bit underwhelmed.

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True or false: Terminal 1 at San Diego Airport is a hitherto undiscovered circle in Dante's Inferno.

Well, terminal 1 hosts Alaska, Frontier and Southwest. The airline crap trifecta. I'd imagine between the three, it's a 'Kettle' fest in there.

I guess Alaska isn't that terrible, but I wonder how long it will take them to ruin Virgin America.

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Dude, it's ridiculous how good you look as you're getting older. What's the skin care routine?

If you start taking care of your skin early, it's a lot easier. Preventative care versus racing to cure the existing issue.

For the last few years, I've gone to a fully Korean skin care routine: Multiple serums, moisturizers, all designed to work with each other and push deeper below the skin barrier. I wear SPF daily. I minimize sun. No smoking (ever). I drink tons of water.

Botox and Dysport are also something I recommend, but only if you have a great doctor who's doing the injecting. Done well, it looks natural and can take a ton of age from your face, as well as disallowing further wrinkles to form.

More than anything, I realize that in an image-based business, I don't need to do things that will make me look my worst. I am shocked that so many escorts out there look years older than they should due to smoking, drugs and way too much sun. Damaging the product is a fully stupid move.

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What are some great places to eat in Manhattan? I will be there later this year and would like your advice.


Sweet Chick on Ludlow (LES) is delicious, albeit not healthy in the least.

Buddakan is always a good show. Try to get a seat on the lower level, in the main room. It's a beautiful circus, but the kitchen is great if you're into Asian fusion.

Barbetta on Restaurant Row. One of the oldest, most established Italian eateries in Manhattan. If the weather's nice, sit in the garden.

Beauty & Essex on Essex (LES). What looks like a dirty, rundown pawn shop from the front is actually a hidden door, beautifully designed restaurant inside. You can't go wrong with their tomato soup & grilled cheese appetizer. It's ridiculous.

La Esquina on Kenmare. Make a res after 6pm in the basement (call them, they'll understand) and enjoy one of NYC's secret spots for pretty good Mexican food. It's loud, but the crowd is hot, the DJ always spins fun music and the drinks are strong.

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You've talked about retiring. What does that look like for you? Do you think you'll look forward to having less sex? Do you ever see yourself being in a monogamous relationship with another guy? Or an open relationship? What do you look forward to most about retirement?

Monogamy is one of my favorite films... Diana Ross was just beautiful in those costumes.

I've talked about retiring from the business in the past, always in a wistful, what-if sort of scenario, but haven't really taken it seriously. I'd be terribly bored. I'd miss the men who make my life interesting. There are a lot of moving pieces to being a successful escort and just having the machine stop would be jarring to me.

For now, I'm in my mid-30s, look/feel fantastic and continue to have the sex drive of a lab monkey. I'll know when I'm ready to be put out to pasture... And now is not the time.

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You seem so laid back. Do you ever feel anxiety or panic? What's most likely to get you worried?

To worry is human. Even the coolest cucumber has his moments of sweating it a bit.

What worries me most are the things that tend to go wacky with the best laid plans: Weather, delays, etc. Things out of my control that I can't make right for the people I see. My main goal, always, is a seamless experience... And that's not 100% possible.

In these moments, you just have to remind yourself that you can only give it your best shot and if things are still fucked, smile and endure. I never panic (that's not my style), but I have spent more than a few days smiling through clenched teeth.

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What's your favorite funny movie?

Is there anything you've wanted to learn or take up (a language, a sport, etc.) and haven't yet (but may someday)?

I'd like to speak more languages. People who can effortlessly switch between dialects fascinate me... Not just a couple languages, but several. It's impressive. It's smart. It's really sexy.

I'd like to have a better appreciation for a wider variety of classical music. It takes forcing yourself to sit through depressing shit like Shostakovich to recognize his genius and I assume the same can be said for many composers.

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What were you like as a child?

I was told that I was a 'pleaser' and that my immediate family worried that I'd grow up to be a pushover. Thankfully, that didn't happen ;)

Overall, I felt like a happy kid. Well-adjusted, good family dynamic, genuinely engaged.

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What's the last piece of advice you got from a friend and did you heed it?

'Ben, don't put stuff on the internet that would make your mother blush.'

Clearly, I didn't take his advice...

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You've got a Keith Haring piece as your banner. What artists do you admire?

Haring was a pioneer in so many ways. His mark on the world is something I'm always impressed by... And his legacy continues on.

Basquiat was another artist in that same period who helped create a whole new form of contemporary work. It was his sudden death, so young, that really helped cement his celebrity and the value of his art.

Seurat is my favorite master. Growing up going to the Chicago Art Institute, I immediately was drawn to his point of view. It's calm, metered and a technique that requires a ton of patience and talent. Sunday on La Grande Jatte is a masterpiece.

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