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Do you think people have taken political correctness too far?

The human condition is cyclical. Always has been.
Right now, it feels like we're reverting back a bit, just as people did in the '50s. It was an attempt to feel 'safe' in a very unsure time. That will change.
Society is like the weather in Texas: Just give it a little time and it'll change.

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What sites do you use for learning other languages?

I never liked Rosetta Stone and find their software to be overpriced for the learning style.
Babble on a mobile device is a pretty streamlined way to pick up conversational language.
Overall, if you don't have a quick memory, you won't benefit from any of these things. Learning new languages as an adult is difficult and to speak with real confidence, I'd tell someone to do full immersion.

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In light of the recent gay chest-thumping over Adam Rippon, I must ask you this important question: What would Brian Boitano do?

I bet he'd kick an ass or two.
Seriously: Boitano left it on the ice and didn't make his personal life the foremost talking point. His TALENT was what people recognized... Not his sexuality.
Rippon will collect his phoney award from HRC, do the talk show circuit and disappear. Many fellow gay men find him simpering, foppish and nowhere near the 'icon' that some groups are trying to turn him into.

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I remember you explained why you decided not to do porn. Would you or have you ever posed nude for some artistic shots? You have a great look and would look amazing.

I have done art nudes in the past, but since they were part of a collection that was being shown publicly, they weren't something I was going to promote personally.
Part of good marketing is giving people just enough of what they want and then stepping back. Guys who give it all away up-front have weak business acumen and will lose a ton of long term clientele because of it.
What's most ironic about not choosing to get into porn and this question: I was sent a link to a homemade video uploaded onto one of the porn torrent sites and what'd'ya'know, it was of me fucking a Grindr hookup in Savannah.
I'll save the whole story for the next 15MM. It was nicely edited and kept my face out of most of the shot, but his ass and my legs are unmistakable.

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Who is someone you envy?

I envy guys who know exactly what they look good in and have a real sense of personal style. I've never, ever had that.
I see something on someone else and admire the look, but know that it wouldn't likely work on me. At least I'm sensible enough to understand that.
I've been told that my face and body should basically be the spokesmodel for Ralph Lauren and/or Lacoste. Preppy, natty, WASPy (imo). I guess that's not an entirely bad thing, but a life of polos, chinos and loafers sounds like hell to me.

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Upcoming traveling? Where you going BN?

March is going to tucker me out.
Bangkok, Dubai, Key West and LA. I'll be in Bangkok the longest and then heading to Dubai for a long weekend before taking the Emirates nonstop back to DFW.
Key West, since I haven't been in a little bit and miss the island. Los Angeles for work with the silver lining being decent weather, sunshine and a visit to Malibu.

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Have you had a period, I guess or month or maybe even a year, where you've really overloaded yourself? And if so, did you have to take time off as a result?

Early on, I would commit to everyone and literally be traveling 25 of 30 days a month. I did that for a solid year and at the end of it, I was gifted with a worn-down immune system, sleep deprived and not all that happy.
I had to learn to say no. It's difficult when you enjoy spending time with people in interesting parts of the world, but I was burning out.
I'm lucky that I don't need a ton of time to recharge my batteries. A weekend at most. Somewhere quiet.

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Thanks Ben! I asked a friend for a “dare” to get me started. He said I should strip down in a stairwell...... What’s the riskiest exhibition you have done? What would you dare me to do?

RIskiest? I can't really say, as it's not the risk that turns me on about being naked, so it's not the risk I'm going for. I'm an exhibitionist in the sense that I work hard on my body and I like showing it off.

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+1 answer in: “I get so turned on by the thought of being naked outside or anything exhibitionist but I’m always afraid I’ll get in trouble and feel self conscious and never follow through. Any advice?”

I get so turned on by the thought of being naked outside or anything exhibitionist but I’m always afraid I’ll get in trouble and feel self conscious and never follow through. Any advice?

Ah, therein lies the rub.
Part of the enjoyment is the 'danger' of being seen or getting caught and while no one wants a public indecency charge on their record, most guys who want public play know they're toeing the line.
Start mellow and keep things limited to baths, gay B&Bs, nudist events. Work your way into the more risky stuff when you're comfortable and don't ever let your sexual wants overtake good common sense. It's not worth it.
Many more subtle things can easily satisfy an exhibitionist's need. I'm perfectly comfortable being naked for long spans of time, but absolutely love being shirtless.
Some of my favorite activities that play into this are finding gyms that allow me to workout in just a pair of compression tights or running shorts. It's less for me about sex and more about unmitigated ego.

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