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Have you had a period, I guess or month or maybe even a year, where you've really overloaded yourself? And if so, did you have to take time off as a result?

Early on, I would commit to everyone and literally be traveling 25 of 30 days a month. I did that for a solid year and at the end of it, I was gifted with a worn-down immune system, sleep deprived and not all that happy.
I had to learn to say no. It's difficult when you enjoy spending time with people in interesting parts of the world, but I was burning out.
I'm lucky that I don't need a ton of time to recharge my batteries. A weekend at most. Somewhere quiet.

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Thanks Ben! I asked a friend for a “dare” to get me started. He said I should strip down in a stairwell...... What’s the riskiest exhibition you have done? What would you dare me to do?

RIskiest? I can't really say, as it's not the risk that turns me on about being naked, so it's not the risk I'm going for. I'm an exhibitionist in the sense that I work hard on my body and I like showing it off.

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+1 answer in: “I get so turned on by the thought of being naked outside or anything exhibitionist but I’m always afraid I’ll get in trouble and feel self conscious and never follow through. Any advice?”

I get so turned on by the thought of being naked outside or anything exhibitionist but I’m always afraid I’ll get in trouble and feel self conscious and never follow through. Any advice?

Ah, therein lies the rub.
Part of the enjoyment is the 'danger' of being seen or getting caught and while no one wants a public indecency charge on their record, most guys who want public play know they're toeing the line.
Start mellow and keep things limited to baths, gay B&Bs, nudist events. Work your way into the more risky stuff when you're comfortable and don't ever let your sexual wants overtake good common sense. It's not worth it.
Many more subtle things can easily satisfy an exhibitionist's need. I'm perfectly comfortable being naked for long spans of time, but absolutely love being shirtless.
Some of my favorite activities that play into this are finding gyms that allow me to workout in just a pair of compression tights or running shorts. It's less for me about sex and more about unmitigated ego.

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Are you mainly a dominant guy or ever get submissive?

Because of my height and muscle, I'm usually the aggressor sexually, whether as a top or bottom.
As I get a little age on me, I'm finding it a huge turn-on to be submissive to the right kind of guy, usually tall, lean, muscled, cocky. Not straight, but the kind of guy you could imagine would enjoy just leaning back and getting a long, wet BJ.
Example? This guy... I fear I'd fracture a knee dropping to the floor so quickly.

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Do you have a person who can make you happy? If so, who is this person?

Who are some of your favorite other guys in the industry?

I've heard great things about Victor Powers (Salt Lake City) and although we've never met, I would say he's a pretty good guy.
There are also a slew of guys I would not recommend, a couple of whom are 'highly recommended' on various websites, but actually hide their health status from their clientele. I encourage everyone to practice a level-headed approach to this diversion, ask direct questions and remain vigilant in protecting your own long term health. You only have one shot at a healthy life.
The worst thing about the guys I'm referring to is that they all have a rather large fan club, who seemingly don't have a clue that they're being put at risk.

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You've posted some smoking hot pictures lately. Clearly the gym continues to pay off. Would you grace us with another here? How do you keep motivated when its so cold outside?

Thank you for the compliment :)
Cold weather is actually pretty energizing for me, getting me up in the AM and into the gym to warm up. Plus, there's something kinda sexy about guys coming into the locker room, all bundled up in their winter coats and stripping down into whatever they're working out in. LOL.
And before I forget....

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What is your favorite energy/protein drink? Heard some buzz about Fizzique but can't seem to find any concrete reviews of the product.

While I'm not a huge fan of energy drinks in general, I have used this as a pre-workout and liked it. It's got the right combo of branch aminos, creatine and caffeine.
For protein, I go cheap and for something that has worked for me for awhile. Costco sells these in bulk:

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