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Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?

Nope. Ink is sexy on some guys, but that's for a very narrow frame of time. A body full of ink when you're working into your thirties, forties and beyond will do you no favors when trying to make a great first impression.

I'd like to think we've moved past this kind of snap-judging in today's society, but let's be real: We're human.

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Anything new to share?

Well, I am back to being a full-on ginger...

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How different are you in your actual relationship(s) than you are with your clients?


There's no difference... There never has been. I don't know how to hold back.

It's why I am considered a great escort: What you see is what you get and the time I spend with my guys is always done at 110%.

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What is the story behind your recent cryptic tweet about another escort? It sounds very serious.


Yeah, I'd say it's pretty despicable.

A well-reviewed/regarded escort saw a good friend of mine and ended up passing along HSV1 to him. Didn't tell him he was herpes positive before playing and likely knew he was having an outbreak at the time. It disgusts me that someone would do this to someone else without any thought.

When confronted, the piece of shit escort then admitted to being herpes positive and gave a flip excuse that 'a ton of people have this,' clearly making it right in his feeble mind. When the time is right and my friend has talked to his doctor about suppression options with his doctor, I'll make sure everyone knows who this guy is. For the time being, my main concern is my friend and his train of thought.

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Would you forgive, if your beloved one cheated on you?

The cornerstone of understanding gay men is that we need to get naked with a wide variety of other guys... Whether we're in an existing relationship or not.

Monogamy is great if you can pull it off. I don't believe in it.

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Is there a pattern to when you color your hair (sometimes blonde, sometimes red)? Do you have standing appointments with certain clients at certain times of year that require you to change it?

While I have guys that prefer to see me blond or red, it's really a toss up as to what color it will be. Honestly, there's no real rhyme or reason to it.

Right now, I'm toning down the silver-blond I've been and working slowly back into a red. More natural to what I was born with (copper/strawberry). While I love having lighter hair, it's a real pain in the ass to keep up with and keep healthy.

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I'm in Key West for pride this June. When are you back on the island?

I'm down again later this month and staying until just before pride begins (6/7).

If you're around early, shoot me an email:

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Yes you're sexy. Also articulate, sophisticated and insightful. Do you get booked much JUST for your company, and how do you regard being wanted for primarily that?

Dale Perez

Yes, there are a segment of guys who book me as a true companion-only experience. It's quite a different switch from the normalcy of sexual contact, but intimacy can be found in a variety of ways that doesn't involve full-on fucking.

Ultimately, it never bothers me when someone wants to move into physical intimacy. It's natural. We're guys... We are aroused by tactile things. If a guy is sitting in front of me in very little clothing (or naked), it's only progressive that I'm going to want his dick in my mouth (or vice-versa).

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What up and coming escorts have caught your eye?

Sadly, not one new guy has impressed me.

Those I have watched and read usually come across as millennials who don't have a great grasp of cadence or an online self. They immediately price themselves at the top of a market, thinking that youth is the only commodity people seek. Without reviews or experience, they soon drop their price and expectations.

Those I see online who do try some form of schematic advertising have very little savvy when it comes to how it affects potential clientele.

You can't be everything to everyone, but a smart escort knows how to ebb & flow to make himself marketable to a wide variety of people.

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Can you come out to the Midwest? Like St. Louis? No one ever comes here.

I'd love to, but sadly I don't travel independently as an escort: All of my travel is at the request of my clients.

If you'd ever like to set something up, shoot me a message.

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How mnay times a day do you jerk off?

Depends on how much time I've got and how I'm feeling: Sometimes never. Sometimes 5-6x a day.

Take today for example. Woke up, busted a load, took a shower, jerked off again. I'll hit the gym in about an hour and like clockwork, I'll jack off when I get back. That's three times and it's not even 2pm. The day is young ;)

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Are you ticklish? And if so, would you allow a client to tickle you?

Yup. Tickle play is definitely hot. Always been into guys playing with my feet.

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You have the best pics!! Would love to see more of those pits exposed

... Like this?

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How often do you eat fast food?

Technically, a few times a week if you consider a taco stand to be 'fast food.' Texas does very little better than an authentic pastor taco and a side of fresh elote in a cup (covered in either Valentina or San Luis). Damned delicious.

But McD's, Wendys or the other corporate drive-thru chains? Never. It's been years.

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Love the new pictures. Keep them coming.


Here's another that'll be posted on Twitter in the next few days:

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Submissive or dominant?

Depends on my mood. When I'm jacking off, I like the thought of getting pounded by a hard, thick cock, but know that in reality, that takes some planning: Diet, cleaning out, getting ready, etc.

I mean, I get tired just THINKING about all of that. lol.

More times, I end up as the top simply because of my height, build and demeanor. My take is a lot of bottom guys want top guys who embody the 'ideal' masculine, muscular aesthetic. Broad shoulders, muscular legs, strong arms, good at talking dirty, take charge, etc.

I do that. I like that. But I also like to be on the receiving end of it now and then.

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What do you do while you're down in Key West?

Wake up. Make coffee. Hit the gym or yoga class. Not much of a scheduler when I'm here... I'm a homebody mostly. I use KW as a chance to center myself and get back onto the most healthy routine possible.

Standard operating uniform is simple. Less is more:

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Have you ever been madly jealous? What did you do?

I fucked his boyfriend. Hard.

I certainly wasn't jealous anymore.

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Are you in Key West now?

Not yet. I'll be down in the next few days.

Keep an eye out for a tall, muscular blond guy. Shirtless. Flip flops. Likely on a beach cruiser. That's my standard operating uniform when down in the Keys.

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Have you ever lied about your age?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

I'd fathom that 90% or more of long term escorts shave a bit (or, in some cases, a lot) from their actual ages. However, seeing is believing and the real litmus test comes in how well you look and what age you can realistically pass for.

Do I condone lying to hurt people? No.

Do I realize that this industry sells particular fantasy by the hour? Yes.

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You just spent time in key west. you always come back with stories. what's the dirt?

Long story short: Two bottoms (them), one top (me). Whatever they were on kept their dicks as limp as cooked spaghetti, but that didn't stop me from pounding them both, back and forth, for the better part of 3 hours.

They still seemed to be having fun. I know I was.

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Will you or do you ever go back to San Antonio to visit?


Since moving to Dallas, I haven't gone back... Six months is too soon, really.

I miss the laid back lifestyle of SA: Comparatively, Dallas is a lot more like LA than South Texas. People here care way, way too much about insignificant things.

The '$30k millionaire' is something I didn't see much in San Antonio as it was a largely working class city that didn't take itself too seriously. In Dallas, it's a full time job for people to lease a $150k sports car while living in rental. I've never met so many people who live their entire lives on lines of finite credit. It's scary.

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What was the last movie you saw in the theaters and what did you think of it?

The LEGO Batman Movie. It was sharp. I wasn't expecting to laugh as much as I did.

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What recording artist might we be surprised to learn you like?

Selena Quintanilla. Thalia. Shakira (before she started singing in English). Celia Cruz. I have a huge love for Spanish language, the music and the culture.

I also love samba and bossa nova. In some ways, it's the perfect music for nearly any occasion. It can be relaxing, but also really energetic (depending on the artist).

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Can we see pics of you wearing your new CK's?

Until I get some snapshots taken, do these post-gym shots from today suffice? ;)

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