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Always love your hot hook-up stories. Any lately you'd like to share?

What's funny about 'straight' guys on Grindr: They're all swagger until the clothing comes off and then it's legs spread, ass up and them telling you to slow down because they're going to cum too quickly.

It's. Like. Clockwork.

Was quietly watching a guy at the gym I go to in Key West. It's easy to get a good idea of what someone really looks like when this gym's dress code doesn't exist. Most guys show up in compression tights or shorts, no shirt. No AC. You get a good sweat going in about 5 minutes. It's nearly euphoric.

This guy was as tall as me (6'3"), but had probably another 5-10lbs of muscle on him. Dirty blond hair. Hairy legs, smooth torso. Early 30s. Great tan. Definitely a head-turner thanks to him wearing a skintight pair of squat shorts. He was wearing the same pair that I have (but wasn't wearing that day).|sB9trUDC6_dc|pcrid|68603497608|pkw||pmt||prd|523428US

Nice bulge. Great ass. Legs that looked like he worked hard on squat day.

He ended up working into one of my hack squat sets, opening the line of communication. Typical 'bro' conversation. I mentioned having a pool at some point and he carefully left it open for an invite over to swim. It's really the perfect way to cool down from a gym like that... Just stripping down and cannonballing in.

.... To be continued ;)

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What kind of porn turns u on?

Mostly bareback stuff: Big cumshots, guys fucking their load into a hot ass, muscle, snapback caps and high tops, metal cock rings, nicely muscled armpits.

Have always had a thing watching muscular latin and asian guys.

Sometimes it's the most simple jerkoff solo vid that works best for me.

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How do you know when you're in love?

... When he doesn't ask you for his hourly rate.

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Face or Body. What's more important to an escort?

A good looking face is something you're born with, and if treated well, can age beautifully for a long while. That's the bread & butter.

Most anyone with the will to work at it can get a good body. That's nothing all that special. For a lot of escorts, it's steroid use, which ultimately ruins the face (bloating), hairline (receding), skin (scars from injection) and organs.

A smart escort will start taking preventative care of themselves in their early 20s. You can quickly tell when a guy hits his mid-late 30s if he's been putting thought into his skincare, sun exposure and overall health.

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What makes you feel proud of yourself?

Working hard in the gym all-year so that when summertime rolls around, I know I can peel off my shirt at any moment and be confident my body looks great.

Granted, I was the kid growing up who basically lived shirtless. I've never had body issues or any kind of bashful outlook.

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What did you dream about last night?

Do you consider Key West your second-home?

I've been coming down here since I was a kid in the early '80s: Big changes since then, but the island is still one of the most relaxing, creative and recharging places I've been to.

A big piece of my heart is there and always will be.

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Should guys wear a beard and what kind?

Not a huge fan of beards on guys. It's appears it's become the millennial stamp of credibility, so nearly every guy is doing the same exact look.

Unique... Just like everyone else ;)

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send us a hot pic from KW. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Here you go... Hope you enjoy ;)

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Where do you workout?

It sounds insane, but I have multiple gym memberships based on where I am in the United States.

Equinox. NYSC. Planet Fitness. TMPL.

These pretty much keep me covered no matter where I am or how late I need to get into the gym.

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You look sexy in a bulldog. Any new pics?

What food did you refuse to eat as a kid and still don't as an adult?


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Hi Benjamin, silly question, are you ticklish? If so - where and are your feet ticklish? :)

Yep. My sides (ribs), bottoms of feet and armpits.

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Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?

Nope. Ink is sexy on some guys, but that's for a very narrow frame of time. A body full of ink when you're working into your thirties, forties and beyond will do you no favors when trying to make a great first impression.

I'd like to think we've moved past this kind of snap-judging in today's society, but let's be real: We're human.

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Anything new to share?

Well, I am back to being a full-on ginger...

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How different are you in your actual relationship(s) than you are with your clients?


There's no difference... There never has been. I don't know how to hold back.

It's why I am considered a great escort: What you see is what you get and the time I spend with my guys is always done at 110%.

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What is the story behind your recent cryptic tweet about another escort? It sounds very serious.


Yeah, I'd say it's pretty despicable.

A well-reviewed/regarded escort saw a good friend of mine and ended up passing along HSV1 to him. Didn't tell him he was herpes positive before playing and likely knew he was having an outbreak at the time. It disgusts me that someone would do this to someone else without any thought.

When confronted, the piece of shit escort then admitted to being herpes positive and gave a flip excuse that 'a ton of people have this,' clearly making it right in his feeble mind. When the time is right and my friend has talked to his doctor about suppression options with his doctor, I'll make sure everyone knows who this guy is. For the time being, my main concern is my friend and his train of thought.

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Would you forgive, if your beloved one cheated on you?

The cornerstone of understanding gay men is that we need to get naked with a wide variety of other guys... Whether we're in an existing relationship or not.

Monogamy is great if you can pull it off. I don't believe in it.

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Is there a pattern to when you color your hair (sometimes blonde, sometimes red)? Do you have standing appointments with certain clients at certain times of year that require you to change it?

While I have guys that prefer to see me blond or red, it's really a toss up as to what color it will be. Honestly, there's no real rhyme or reason to it.

Right now, I'm toning down the silver-blond I've been and working slowly back into a red. More natural to what I was born with (copper/strawberry). While I love having lighter hair, it's a real pain in the ass to keep up with and keep healthy.

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I'm in Key West for pride this June. When are you back on the island?

I'm down again later this month and staying until just before pride begins (6/7).

If you're around early, shoot me an email:

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Yes you're sexy. Also articulate, sophisticated and insightful. Do you get booked much JUST for your company, and how do you regard being wanted for primarily that?

Dale Perez

Yes, there are a segment of guys who book me as a true companion-only experience. It's quite a different switch from the normalcy of sexual contact, but intimacy can be found in a variety of ways that doesn't involve full-on fucking.

Ultimately, it never bothers me when someone wants to move into physical intimacy. It's natural. We're guys... We are aroused by tactile things. If a guy is sitting in front of me in very little clothing (or naked), it's only progressive that I'm going to want his dick in my mouth (or vice-versa).

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What up and coming escorts have caught your eye?

Sadly, not one new guy has impressed me.

Those I have watched and read usually come across as millennials who don't have a great grasp of cadence or an online self. They immediately price themselves at the top of a market, thinking that youth is the only commodity people seek. Without reviews or experience, they soon drop their price and expectations.

Those I see online who do try some form of schematic advertising have very little savvy when it comes to how it affects potential clientele.

You can't be everything to everyone, but a smart escort knows how to ebb & flow to make himself marketable to a wide variety of people.

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Can you come out to the Midwest? Like St. Louis? No one ever comes here.

I'd love to, but sadly I don't travel independently as an escort: All of my travel is at the request of my clients.

If you'd ever like to set something up, shoot me a message.

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How mnay times a day do you jerk off?

Depends on how much time I've got and how I'm feeling: Sometimes never. Sometimes 5-6x a day.

Take today for example. Woke up, busted a load, took a shower, jerked off again. I'll hit the gym in about an hour and like clockwork, I'll jack off when I get back. That's three times and it's not even 2pm. The day is young ;)

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Are you ticklish? And if so, would you allow a client to tickle you?

Yup. Tickle play is definitely hot. Always been into guys playing with my feet.

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