How can you change the World?

I change the world just if you stop ask me with use english language, im very bad with it.
And... on the other side
"Saya cuma nggak kepingin bahasa Indonesia jadi cemburu, gara-gara saya pakai bahasa lain.” - Cumbu Sigil.

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Have you ever trusted someone too much?

In my life i know much the good person, but to trust them too much? I'll think again.

What's your favourite thing to do at the beach?

Look up at the ocean, and thinking such things.

Di you are really an inspiration to me i would really like to meet you and spend some time with you i adore you a lot ?you are damn pretty ?

In fact i love your sense of humor. Nice one!

are you a hypocritical person?if so, how far can you go?

Absolutely ya. Dan sebenernya saya pernah bahas hal ini beberapa minggu lalu bareng kawan-kawan saya.

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