How do you stay motivated to keep working when feeling down?

If it's bad enough, I'll simply stop working and read, play games, go for a walk, watch goofy youtube videos (this can help a LOT), or start texting some of my close friends, just to connect with them. At this point in my life I know that the low state will pass at some point and I just need to ride it out.
If it's not *that* bad, I'll often just work on easy, non-music stuff, like writing promotional tweets, answering emails, planning future work, or simply engaging with fans on twitter, all while listening to music. When you're an indie and a one-man operation, there's *always* something mundane and pretty easy you can do to keep the business running.
Sometimes I'll clean parts of my house or organize stuff. This might just be because I get very real anxiety from clutter, but you might find that you feel less depressed in an uncluttered home or work space, so maybe give it a try when you're down.
Tips on minimizing time spent feeling down:
- Eat well! Do not ever skip meals, and eat more unprocessed foods. You will be amazed at how much 'feeling down' is often just 'feeling hungry'.
- Exercise every day if you can. You'll sleep better and feel more relaxed the rest of the day.
- Write down your accomplishments, even if they're just "answered 5 emails" or "exported an album to a new file format". Do it every day, and maybe compile a list of all your accomplishments every week. This does wonders for making you feel like you're spending your time well, and will motivate you to work more.

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