Hi Ben! Did you spend time analysing and picking apart music from your favorite artists as a beginner? How did you go about doing it? :)

Hello! I suppose to some extent I was always doing that, but when I got more serious about music making I started analyzing other music more thoroughly. I would listen to music from Jeremy Soule, William Orbit and others, and I would write down everything I heard. You can see the techniques I used for that in this blog post: https://benprunty.com/2014/09/29/color-sky-how-i-composed-metro-molecule/
This helped me understand song structure. In college I also went through training for listening in a more technical sense: how each instrument fills the frequency spectrum, listening for problems in a mix, figuring out what effects were used, etc. This was also really valuable, and it's a skill I use every day. I'm sure you can find books on mixing that will teach you how to listen better.

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