Hi Ben! You're amazing! At what point in your career did you start actively promoting yourself and building your name? How did you go about that? Was there a point where you thought, "I can say that I'm skilled enough to do so?"

Victor Cortes
Thank you! I started actively promoting myself around 2008-2009, about 9 years after I started making music for the first time. I wasn't entirely sure I was skilled enough to do it, but I had some hints:
1. I was way more proud of the work I was doing at the time than in previous years. I was less frustrated with how each piece turned out.
2. I had some friends who actually wanted to listen to my music on their own time, not just when I begged them to listen to give me feedback. When I would post things for my friends to listen to, they would leave comments like, "this is actually really good." These were signs that they were genuinely impressed and not just being polite.
These things helped give me the confidence to keep going even if I didn't get any actual work for a while. You can read more about this here: https://benprunty.com/2014/03/03/the-most-important-advice-i-can-give-to-an-aspiring-game-musician/

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