Hey Ben, just finished reading your post on “How useful is my degree? Should you go to college?” Do you think aspiring composers/sound designers who go through game development for two years are wasting their time and should instead focus on just write music and only music?

Francisco Ortiz
Do you mean a game development program at a university? Learning about game development is always useful for someone working in games. I was programming and designing games for a few years before I started making music, and that experience in development has been invaluable.
The point of the blog post was to compare crippling debt + degree versus self-teaching, not the advantages of learning different disciplines. Game development brings together a massive variety of disciplines, and the more you know, the better you can contribute to the projects you work on, regardless of what your actual job is. You'll simply make better decisions.
Learning new things always means you are sacrificing time that could be spent on other things. I think spending time on game development in general can be worth it, but yeah, then you are spending less time on music. This is going to come down to your own judgement and how much you think you can juggle in your life.

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