Hi Ben. You are a successful artist that works from home and seems to get a lot done. I know you use a bullet journal but do you have any tips for staying disciplined and getting work done/staying motivated?

I kind of answered this one a while back: https://ask.fm/benprunty/answers/138910725105
To this I would add: get a consistent sleep schedule! Forcing yourself into a routine isn't glamorous, but it can help you get a lot done. Don't believe the 'true artists never sleep/eat' bullshit. That mindset is an express train to failure and bitterness.
I'm also trying to add 'free' composing days to my schedule. Days where I just compose whatever I want, not attached to any particular project. I often get demotivated, especially if it's been a while since I've composed anything. Being able to just write what I want often leads to great things and quickly gets me back into the composing mindset. This leads to more productive days afterward, actually saving me time instead of costing me time.

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