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Why won’t my boyfriend post me on social media?

Maybe because he likes to keep some aspects of his life private… or he may have 5 baby mamas and he don’t wanna cause drama ? Idk.. don’t ask me… but it’s probably the 2nd reason

You just thought you was going to break our bond. A bond this strong can’t be broken!!! Nice try tho 😊

Lord have mercy.. who are you??

Somebody’s BIG MAD 😡 at You Right NOW Because You picked Peace ✌🏽 over drama 🎭 & Distance ✈️ over disrespect 😶🤷‍♀️

I know.. and they can stay mad because at the end of the day my mental is more important than their bullshit.

Real relationship or fwb

I mean sometimes one FWB can turn into an actual relationship..
I guess it’s really what the vibe is.. I mean sometimes a FWB for me means : no connection, just sex and that is it.. not really investing anything in that person and that’s ok if that is what you want..
Me right now I’m just going with the flow…
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Do you like biting?

Um.. do I like biting?? Like me biting people?? Or people biting me????? Ehh I’m complicated… before you bite me please brush your teeth.. use mouthwash… drink alcohol.. make sure ya mouth is clean.. then bite away
If I’m doing the biting… make sure your body is clean… cuz there would only be one person I’d be down to bite without them showering first.. eh I need to stop… 🤐

What gossip about yourself has made you laugh?

That My oldest child belonged to my other kids dad.. as if I knew that man when I was 19..


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