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what type of gift can i get my boyfriend? his birthday is in 2 weeks!! pls help asap

may sound abit cliché but the safest bet will be not to buy something but put in your own effort to make something yourself like a scrapbook with pictures of the two of you from the start of the relationship to the current state and maybe short captions of how you two progressed throughout your relationship. hope this helps!!

what would you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend told you they didn't have feelings for you anymore?

no matter how much it may hurt, you gotta break up. a one sided relationship will do no good to the both of you.

dear cchy students,,,,,,, why does your skool have NA and combined sci student? i dhought cchy is good skool?

dear anon, why does your school produce students who are like you and ask questions like that. please reconsider your life decisions before implying that combined science and NA students are not good; you are no better.

likers get how you feel when they hang out with you: eh food and movie sial!! n u flirt more jkjk we alw ignore each other n use phone when we tgt HAHAHAH n u damn good frined

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HAHAH AWW THANKS and ikr we alw ignore each other and look at our phone
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SUPER LOUD WTF HAHAHA AND ALW TALKING ABOUT another girl like 'omg uk ___ also said that' or 'omg uk ___ told me ____' but thanks for being there buddy

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