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So.... I'm a bisexual girl and no one knows that, except my bf. My question is if one of your friends was like me, bisexual what would you do?! Would you start ignoring them or just act normal?! Please answer. No body answers this question for some reason... after that you can delete it

Being bisexual is not a problem AT LEAST FOR ME because being bisexual, straight, or gay is according to the person's choice not the Society's choice. And people who ignore you they don't know anything about life they are the people how can only put up status for gay rights, rape victims but tell them to accept a Rape victim they won't. But I don't have any problem with you(idk who you are it would be nice if you untick) be happy enjoy your life. It's your life, your choices not others. Be happy you don't need to care what people say about you, enjoy your life okay? Feel free to message me😊😊

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