Ask @betongJocke:

biggest difference between Viktor and azir, why would you pick one over the other?

viktor for huge burst and to oneshot carries, easier to play
azir good for peeling but also one good ult can win u the teamfight/game
it comes down to what comp ur team has, i would say viktor is better if you have an engage comp because his spells are more straight forward and easier to hit but idk much about azir since i never play him
but yeah im not a midlaner so maybe u should ask one

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So Joachim, months ago you said that you had attitude problems, being honest do you think you've improved? Are you happy about your current level? Do you think you can succeed in LCS? I believe you can be a great player with the right attitude.

Yes, I think I've improved my attitude, but there's always room for more improvement.
I'm not really satisfied with my current level, as I believe I can still be better and yes right now I believe I can succeed in LCS

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