Ask @bexnca:

i’ve been thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend of more than a year, this is because my mum doesn’t like him, and never will... should i just end it now and save him a waste of time or what? please help... might sound stupid, but it’s really hard. (don’t say whatever i think it’s best)

if you’ve been thinking about it for a while, i think it’d be easiest for you if you did break up with him. do it kindly so he doesn’t end up hating you and let him know you’ll be there for him as a friend.

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about the crush thing again, I need a lil help 😂💘✨ you see, we text quite a bit, sometimes he will text me out of the blue and say “hey what’s up” and lll do the same. He’s quite sweet honestly, but in real life we just awkwardly stare at eachother 😂 does he like me? Does he not?? 😂💕

he probably does like you. just talk to him first in person and it won’t be as awkward. but i’m definitely having good hope for you because i can tell he likes you

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