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What little things do you do to brighten up your day?

Lots of stuff 😊
🌷time to have breaks
🌿 doing at least one thing I want to do rather than need to
🌼having a cuppa or refreshing drink
🌺cuddling up in a soft blanket 🌸 practising mindfulness (being in the moment) & gratitude
🌻making sure I notice whe stuff does go right: notice joy
🌷 spending time with my wife, my friends and my guinea-pigs
🌸 going barefoot when I can
🌿 journaling

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Which moral alignment do you think fits you best from the d&d moral alignment chart? And why? (if you don't know or care what that is, feel free to ignore 😂)

Well, I've never played D&D but my wife played a lot when she was younger so I just asked her which she thought I would be and she said I am most like a mix of "neutral good" and "lawful good" but if she had to choose more on the "neutral good" side. Hope that makes sense! She also said she would say she is "chaotic good".

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R u planning to get any tattoos

I really want to get some tattoos. I plan to get someone to design a couple for me incorporating some of these things which are important to me:
⚖ scales for balance and me being a fair and measured person
🐘 elephant(s) my favourite and spirit animal
☯️ yinyang to represent balance in nature and being influenced by Eastern wisdom
💡for me being a free thinker and reflective
🎨 paint, colour, creativity

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What is your opinion on people buying clothes from charity / thrift shops and then selling them on for a profit?

It's fine to do this imho. The charity get the money they asked for it (and could have sold for more if they wanted to) and someone else has a little extra from it too. I think though if I found something in a shop and it was super valuable and the charity hadn't realised though I would feel honour-bound to give them most of the profit back - after all the original donator clearly meant the charity to benefit from the item.

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Do you think you can choose who to love? Or are we carried away by our feelings?

Invisible in plain sight
My instinct is that this is something that is driven by feelings and perhaps subconscious processes. I'm thinking of my ex who was a lovely person, smart, genuine and incredibly generous with his time and gifts. Logic would have said on paper he was a better prospect as a stable partner than my wife who had debts, lived 50 miles away and had been engaged twice before. But I lacked the feeling and connection with my ex whereas with my wife we just clicked and got on so well - we say we are the same level of crazy and it's probably right! I also think that although I am very sensitive to meeting others expectations, I have a part of me which wants to relentlessly challenge the status quo.. a real rebel!

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I can understand why, not exactly a friendly gesture that is, especially if you got caught 😕

★ ☮ ♫ Tεɳαciσυઽ Tѳɱɱყ™ ➓ ☀ ☻
Yeah totally I was really angry and she couldn't appreciate why for some bizarre reason. No apology was forthcoming. What a weird idea of friendship she had! I do wonder what she is like now, we were only about 13 at the time.

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+1 answer in: “What’s the worst practical joke someone's played on you? 👍”

hi :D May i ask about your emotions ? how often do u let out tears ? sorry if question is too personal

Not at all this is fine to ask! I am quite emotional at times and especially with people I trust. This week I've cried most days I think! I've learnt it's actually something that is incredibly healthy for me. My wife would worry more if I wasn't showing emotion!

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What’s the worst practical joke someone's played on you? 👍

★ ☮ ♫ Tεɳαciσυઽ Tѳɱɱყ™ ➓ ☀ ☻
When I was a teen a 'friend' of mine thought it would be hilarious to put items from a shop in my coat hood and see if I got stopped for shoplifting (I had no idea she did this). I didn't get stopped but when she told me afterwards and thought it was hilarious she ceased being my friend from then on.

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