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How can I learn to better see all the opportunities around me?

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Slowing down and being present in each moment is a good place to start in my experience. Focusing on one thing at a time, physically slowing down your pace, making time to notice your surroundings in greater detail etc. This helps give some breathing space for observation, reflection and enjoyment.
How can I learn to better see all the opportunities around me

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I'm thinking of soon making a post where I'll tag those who are willing in hopes of bringing the lovely people of this app together. Do you want to be a part of it? 😄📣

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Great idea! Yes please 😊😊

Do you believe a civilization which existed long ago possessed advanced technology?

Yes I do. There are a lot of examples of archaeological places which we cannot explain how they were built with such accuracy and on such a scale we could not replicate even with today's technology. To me this is a clear indication that another civilisation must have existed with advanced enough technology to do these things.
Do you believe a civilization which existed long ago possessed advanced

My mom and me goed over to my daughter's bully's house to get him to leaves her alone. It did not works out that way. Her bully screwed my mom and me and he put his white stuff inside us (we was both very fertile). He said that he was going bully both my mom and me. Why is he doing that?

Who cares why he is doing it? That is not your issue to deal with. Your priority is to protect yourselves. Go to the sexual health clinic, go to the police and put what you can place to protect yourselves from this individual.

How do you a person is the love of your life?

I'm not sure about other people but I knew when my partner came out as transgender. My mind immediately went to 'this is over' and most people I spoke to assumed I would leave the relationship. I was beside myself and so were they. We spent nights crying about it together. That was when we suddenly realised that neither of us wanted it to end and that even if we lost friends or family over the decision to stay together we wanted to still have each other and the alternative was misery. That was when I knew.

Do you get easily paranoid? For example, there was a nice lady going around my neighbourhood for a survey asking what religion and what ethnicity was each household and I immediately thought "the government is using this nice lady to get information for an upcoming genocide".

I wouldn't say I am easily paranoid no, although I am quite distrusting of authority in general and their motivations for stuff so I can see why your mind went there! I think sometimes a healthy degree of questioning things is okay!


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