Oh, it's so awful, you just stay at home

No it’s not. There is no reason for Arizona to be under lockdown at this time. It would cause more panic here, if that were t happen. I agree with our Governor’s decision.
501 cases, and 8 deaths as of this morning.
We’re not nearly impacted from this virus, as the rest of the country is.
However, Arizona will see its peck in mid April. Then our Governor will more then likely place the state under quarantine. But, that’s if this peak gets worse.
Scientists are saying, this virus hates heat and sunlight. Arizona reaches triple digits, so hopefully the number of cases will drop here in Arizona, once the weather heats up.
Thank you. I appreciate.
I hope you’re staying safe and healthy as well.
God bless.
(Sending virtual hugs.) 🤗❤️
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