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How long will the coronavirus quarantine last in the place where you live?

As of right now, Arizona is one of the only few states not on lockdown. We have have no “Stay inside,” order as of yet.
However, they’re expecting a high peek of cases in April, and the virus to get much worse in May..
Things might look up though.
They’re are saying this virus hates heat and sunlight. If that is true Arizona reaches triple digits here in the summer. So hopefully, the number of cases might drop, when the weather heats back up here.

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Neptune ム
I miss you. I really wish, things would have worked out between us. I miss our daily conversations.. I miss the comfort you brought me, when we were together talking.
I’m sorry I was so sick back then, that I couldn’t see.
I only have myself to blame.
I just really miss you. 😢❤️

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