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thoughts on the sun?

The Sun is vital and if we want to survive past a definitive expiration date then we stop watching people jerk off and start paying attention to the fact that there are more than likely many civilizations much more advanced than our own and we should start looking at all of the craters on the moon, forget hailing Satan, because i can assure when we start burning from molten Lava you scream until you die from shock or asphyxiation from the sulfuric acid plumes coating the earth, so i guess get off of social media start learning LITERALLY ANYTHING BEFORE YOURE BRAIN MATTER IS A MUSHY SCHOOL LUNCH PUDDING.

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Is Intelligence An Emotion?

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I believe that true intelligence is Emotional Intelligence, Singular intellect on its own can do nothing except endlessly contemplate scores of eternally mystical equations. Well the truth is that most equation will eventually be our ultimate destruction without the emotional intelligence necessary to make an ethically better and morally higher decision that is best for all people and living creatures. regardless of where they happen to have been geographically brought into this world through no choice of their own.
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Ever tried a “Roy Rogers”?

Is that when you dress real fancy with an embroidered shirt and lasso some poor slow ass calf and shoot blanks into the air?

What makes you sad?

The ultra-disconnected state of our current reality and the terminal dualistic nature of self aware consciousness.

Are you leaving Ask fm ?

As soon as I find another alternative to give me the necessary minimal social interaction to prevent psychosis and other neurologically inhibitive discordia ...

if you could ask your soulmate anything, you would ask...

Where you want me to go right now to pick you or hopefully your car is better and i will just ride with you...?

Is there a teacher, who has inspired you during your school years?

Yes many. My 5th grade teacher i have a particular fondness for... Peaking mentally at 8 years old has its drawbacks though.

What is dating like in 2021?

I think basically you just need money and then you get one of a billion prostitute apps and then you can buy as many milliseconds as you want until you run out of money or sementa.

What does it mean when a phone number is disconnected or no longer in service?

Chris Smolik
It doesn't mean anything. It could just be someone hijacked the line and is sending to another server. Or cloned it.


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