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سیدہ شیزہ علی ❤️
Her childhood full of liveliness
Love and happiness and smiles
Her dreams in her mind
And her life ahead of her
Somewhere along the way, she lost it all
Her liveliness, love, happiness and smiles
Her dreams broken
And life shattered beyond repair
And now....
Her soul empty of the stars
That once burnt to brighten other's life
Her soul devoid of any
Tender touch of loved ones
Her heart devoid of love
Unconditional to friend and foe
Now replaced with the ever growing
Hatred, sadness and solitary
Her tender and innocent eyes
Shining like the moon in the night sky
Now hides behind a veil of
Burning anger and crumpled hopes
Her lips of sweet smiles
Never failing to show up
Now turned into a permanent frown
And voice silenced by a thousand secrets
Her mind filled with dreams
Of flying into the infinite sky
Now wandering in different directions
That can be caged by freedom alone...

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Have you ever met any celebrities? 😁 👍

★ ☮ ♫ Tεɳαciσυઽ Tѳɱɱყ™ ➓ ☀ ☻
Yeah but only two or three 😐
And not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of them
One, I met when I had gone to a restaurant in my city (it was long back, many years ago)
Second, we were staying in a hotel in Ramoji Film City. I was in 7th grade probably. During that time, people were shooting for a hindi movie called "Dilwale" , and we were staying in the same hotel the actors were living in, in fact we were the only common people staying in the top most floor of the hotel among the celebrities 🙄
So during our stay there, one day we were randomly taking pics in the corridor of that floor because it looked so beautiful and an actress who is part of the movie (not gonna mention who it is) walks out of her room and sees us taking pictures and tells (with an attitude) "You're not allowed to take pictures here". And I'm just like "Since when are there such rules? And this b*tch! It's not like we're taking her photos or with her!" And then she just walks away with her mountainous bodyguards 🙄
Oh and I also saw the director a few times, but never got the chance to meet him or other cast members 😢

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How are unicorns made?

Ancient Greeks (and other Europeans) had heard of an animal that remotely resembled a horse and had one magnificent horn above its nose. They had heard of it from travelers who had heard of it from other travelers who had also heard of it from other travelers who had either been to or come from India. The Greeks drew it as the unicorn that we know of today. That animal was none other than the Indian rhinoceros (or the great one-horned rhinoceros, as it is also called).
It is believed that they weren't made, they evolved like every other creature on Earth. Unicorns are one-horned rhinos, not horses with narwhal horns as common mythology suggests.
#evolution #variations# #biostudent ;)

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