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I'm sorry but selena is a flop if she hadn't dated justin she would be irrevelant (which she actually is) and selena never had a number one song so please stfu

Tell em!
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I laugh when beliebers call Selena a flop when both CAGI and Slow Down were number one on billboard and she has performed on countless award shows and chat shows this year and you always hear her on the radio. And meanwhile Justin.... oh wait.


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Why y'all troll so much? Like it's hard to take you seriously. You and Caleigh are acting thirsty as fuck.


do u think he did hit him or no cuz ben said he was with him and those asaian girls idk

More ppl would say if they saw him punching him but it might have been heated

So what exactly happened at the club or allegedly happened?

The DJ claims justin wanted him to play hip hop music but he told justin to fuck off & put a shirt on. Then he said justin punched him then hid behind security

Justin is such a douche. Why is he even still making songs? The world hates him and won't buy his music and his music gets worst and worse he might as well stop spending all this money save it and retire

I think his music gets better and better. Personal opinion I guess

Whats up that anon's ass. Some of us do acknowledge when he does dumb stuff . I honestly don't know how he handles all the pressure, i'd probably cry :(. I guess the weed helps


Okay, idec. You Beliebers are so far up his ass it's unbelievable. You can't even admit when he has done wrong, so how is he supposed to acknowledge his mistakes when his own fans can't even come to terms with it? No wonder he has changed so much with fame. I'm done. Bye, bitch.

Trust me, we acknowledge when he's wrong. But please take a breath

does it scare you to think of where justin will be in like a year with his recent actions?

No. All I can do is laugh


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