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What should we spend money on?

We should spend our money through experience and investments. No matter how old you are, experience will never fade and it is one thing that you carry on when you get old. It also includes helping other people in need because experience is not just what you did to yourself but also what you did from others and that is one of the best feeling in the world. And when I say investments, I meant buying things that will benefit you in the future.

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most sweet person you know?

This guy!! Lemme tell y’all about this person (MY PERSON).
You’ll probably think that he’s a snob or serious person when you first met him but when you talk to him, he’s really cool guy. He’s not going to engage a conversation unless you’re gonna start it. His personality depends on who is he with. With friends: He’s quiet but he always listens. Immediate family: He shows his crazy side sometimes and also very sweet! And for me: He shows his emotions, his super crazy side and talks about his feelings. But in general, He’s a reliable person. He’s always one call away and he’ll never complain. One of the most thing i like about him is he’s very patient like... a saint. He never EVER argue and makes me upset and never said any bad words about me. He’s always careful on what he’s saying coz he knows that I’m very sensitive. He’s very good for my mental health. I remember when i used to get a lot of panic attacks he always hold my hand and always tell me to breath. After awhile he’s gonna talk about funny stories and jokes. And every time we’re on a gathering with people i don’t know, he always hold my hand and never leave by my side because he knows i get anxious. Sometimes, i wonder if God really made this man just for me. There are also time that i get irritated for minor things and be mad at him sometimes but he never argue with me. He always ask what’s wrong first and then ask if i want boba or sushi and actually take me out to eat or just buy me some food. I mean... Who would get mad at this type of person?! I never been this spoiled in my entire life and i didn’t hear any single complain coming from him. He doesn’t spoil me with flowers, chocolates, bags, shoes, jewelry but he buy me stuff like pencil sets because i love to draw, an aux cord for when I’m drumming, a book because i love to read etc. anything that interest me. And not just that, he always take me wherever i want to go.
I love this man so much. It is so rare to meet someone like him so I make sure that I take good care of him and not taking advantage of his kindness.

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most sweet person you know

5 things you don't like in people ?

1. Talks about other people - this is the type of people i avoid coz if they talk about other people then they’re gonna talk about you to other people as well.
2. Always talk about themselves - This is the Narcissist type of people. Their topic is all about them and they don’t care about your opinion.
3. Immature - I don’t like it when adults acts like bitch. They always have to say something negative about what you’re doing. I really don’t need this type of people.
4. Google - People who thinks they know everything and not giving a fuck about your opinion. They always contradict what you’re saying and they don’t let you finish (you know... like google)
5. MAARTE or Nitpick - I swear this is the worst person to be with especially when traveling. Like... bro, are you not used to being human? lol. I can’t stand these type of people.

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What are some of the best feelings in life ??©

1. Being loved back.
2. Making ur parents proud and also the people you love.
3. Doing what you love and what you are passionate about as a career.
4. Freedom.
5. Knowing that the people you care about is doing good in their lives.
7. Having a complete and a happy family of your own and being able to afford things in life.
8. Having a healthy mind, soul and body.
9. Helping other people and being appreciated.
10. Crossing out all your bucket list.

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