Is love simply physical desire or something more?

nikki ☻
no it's way more , physical desire will fade but love will grow

mine was quite as well

i have no choice , nothing is open and we cant meet other people outside of family

same here but stores and other stuff are opened

yes food stores are open , but no bars,restaurants,gyms,clubs

yes bars are opened but they have to close at a certain time and restaurants are opened and some gyms are open

much better , we've had it badly here but at last numbers seem to be going down

maybe they'll lift the lockdown sooner rather than later

no unlikely they say it will be a gradual easing until everyone is vaccinated

oh really

older and vulnerable first i might have to wait right up to September

can't you find out where you are on the list

no they have done lots of the older groups, now they are just starting on the over 70's who should be done by mid February,then they move down through the age groups

that's all we can do is wait

its going to take a long time to go away