What food is underrated or underappreciated? 👅💦

Anchovies, so many people won't even try them they are great on pizza, in salads and much more

What are anchovies

little oily fish , they were one of the two original pizza toppings in Italy

is it like caviar

no nothing like it at all this is off Wiki
Main article: Anchovies as food
Still Life with Anchovies, 1972, Antonio Sicurezza
A traditional method of processing and preserving anchovies is to gut and salt them in brine, allow them to cure, and then pack them in oil or salt. This results in a characteristic strong flavor and the flesh turning a deep grey. Pickled in vinegar, as with Spanish boquerones, anchovies are milder and the flesh retains a white color. In Roman times, anchovies were the base for the fermented fish sauce garum. Garum had a sufficiently long shelf life for long-distance commerce, and was produced in industrial quantities. Anchovies were also eaten raw as an aphrodisiac.[33]
Today, they are used in small quantities to flavor many dishes. Because of the strong flavor, they are also an ingredient in several sauces and condiments, including Worcestershire sauce, caesar salad dressing, remoulade, Gentleman's Relish, many fish sauces, and in some versions of Café de Paris butter. For domestic use, anchovy fillets are packed in oil or salt in small tins or jars, sometimes rolled around capers. Anchovy paste is also available. Fishermen also use anchovies as bait for larger fish, such as tuna and sea bass.
The strong taste people associate with anchovies is due to the curing process. Fresh anchovies, known in Italy as alici, have a much milder flavor.[34] The anchovies from Barcola (in the local dialect: "Sardoni barcolani") are particularly popular. These white fleshy fish, which are only found at Sirocco in the Gulf of Trieste, achieve the highest prices.[35]
In Sweden and Finland, the name anchovies is related strongly to a traditional seasoning, hence the product "anchovies" is normally made of sprats[36] and herring can be sold as "anchovy-spiced". Fish from the family Engraulidae are instead known as sardell in Sweden and sardelli in Finland, leading to confusion when translating recipes.
In Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, they are deep-fried and eaten as a snack or a side dish. They are known as Ikan Bilis in Malay and Ikan Teri in Indonesian.

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it's hard to explain but it's very salty and its mostly eaten with other food

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i'm sure you must get them there , you get some pretty good food

yes we do get them I've never had them before

well they are quite cheap so try them sometime as a pizza topping maybe, but not too many they have a strong flavour

okay I'll try them when I have a pizza

ok don't hit me if you dont like them lol

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