Hi bro

Afternoon Lexi how are you today

Just dandy how are you?

I'm ok how was your weekend sis?

It was alright, cold but alright lol. We’re waiting for more vaccines to come to New York .

Same here they are doing a lot now but only in the older age groups

Yes , essential workers; teachers; 65 and older qualify

here they are just starting the over 70's group

Oh wow. When it’s available will you get it?

yes of course i will, you'd be daft to refuse

Lots of people refuse: I’m going to get it

not so many crazy people here but a few believe all the silly stories about it

They only believe what they hear from the trumpster

well he'll be gone in a few days


we'll sure he'll be stirring up things but lets hope everything goes well for you all

I think I’ll be okay where I am it’s Biden & Harris I worry about .

yes stay away from the city centre, i think they will be ok on the day because security will be so tight, but in the future who knows


anyhow nothing you can do just wait and hope i guess