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وہ عشق جو ہم سے روٹھ گیا اب اس کو حال بتائیں کیا؟

Vo jazba e shoq sunaeen kya
Koe khwab na ho tw batyn kya
Liked by: Hamza Sajid

I got cheated in a relationship I had been in for 5 years. Starting to believe the "men are dogs" thing now..

Arry 5 sal hramm m mazy b to ap ny e leya,

What if a guy starts behaving strangely. If u call him, text him, try to talk through things like 100 times but he's always running away. Not giving same efforts to fix things. But also not breaking up and giving u the closure to move on. What does that mean and how u think it can be fixed??

Give him a break, nd text a sexier one,, like me

ایک عرصہ ہوگیا ہو جیسے کہ کسی نے پوچھا ہی نہیں کیسے ہو؟

mianfahadmahmood’s Profile Photoفہد
یارو کچھ تو حال سنائو
اس کی قیامت بانہوں کا
وہ جو سمٹتے ہوں گے ان میں
وہ تو مرجاتے ہوں گے


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