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science neva found god

Science does show evidence of God. I've watched a documentary of how God, the Bible and science doesn't contradict each other. Jesus also said in the book of Matthew that no one has seen the Father (which is God), and lived.

If you could "mimic" an accent to trick others into believing it as your own, (all in good fun, of course), which one would you use? 🤪😝 Mine would be a TOTAL... valley girl accent, lol. No doubt! 💁‍♀️✨*Twirls hair ditzily*

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A southern accent since my family on my moms side are southerners.
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Do you like the Eastern orthodox Church?

I don't know anything about it other than it's close to the teachings of the Catholic church.

summarize your life with Jesus:

My life with Jesus brings me something meaningful and a reason to live. Without Jesus, I wouldn't have a purpose for what I do in life. Brings me love like no other and great instructions!
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i finally have a new day schedule i wake up and eat breakfast go work, have a lunch/dinner, come home, don't read the bible, and go to sleep. Eat sleep don't read bible repeat, eat sleep don't read bible repeat!

Have something against the Bible?

god created man, man created law, man corrupted law, man made new laws again and said some were from god. ((or)). God created man, god created law, man received law from god, the dark ages befell men, god rescued man and gave man the same law again?

God created man, but by religious law before God gave us the Ten Commandments in Exodus Chapter 20, was by man. The Ten Commandments are supposed to followed as the moral law.

Christ said to love One another the judge is the father. Now you get off of your pulpit

I totally agree, but Christ Himself also instructed us to judge righteously as well.


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