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Watched Lucifer yet..??

TanujaBhatnagar504’s Profile PhotoTanuja Bhatnagar
Liked the beginning.
An Overlord who's being classy. I vibed with that!
But gradually he began meddling in the affairs of humans, especially helping the lead actress in her police cases. I didn't like that!
Why does everyone turn vigilante?
My friends rave about the show. But I can't connect to it anymore. :)
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What makes a person rich?

I have never been in anxiety and depression and I never contemplate. I guess this is the luxury that I enjoy and it makes me feel privileged.

With whom have you had the best relationships???

I still have.
With my bed and pillow.
With my three dogs
With my friends.

"Worrying works! More than 90 percent of the things I worry about never happen."

saniamahe_’s Profile PhotoSania Mahe
Yes it does. But 90 percent of time, it happens 😂😂😂

How are you wasting your life now?? 😂

By playing games, watching shows, overthinking about every aspect of my life


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