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How do you let your parents know you've grown up? My dad bought be a Paris shirt from Justice, and my mom bought me a Belle shirt. I'm 16, grunge, a skater girl, and bi. I don't like those type of things anymore. But I don't want them to think I'm a bad kid or I've changed too much.

ur not a bad kid for not wanting justice 😂

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So I told my ex crush that I don’t like him anymore and well he acted sad even tho I think he still have a girlfriend lmaooo he just want to have the attention back... then in a picture he said “imy” and I was like I don’t believe you and I think I just his feelings he is ignoring after I say that

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idk what u want me to say lmao
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Okay, say you have a friend. Buut, this friend has had her eyes on someone for about a year or two. Her crush, however, has a girlfriend which is also a friend--of your friend lmao. Would you say it's okay for your friend to date her crush, despite her friend doing so before her?

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i mwan depends on the friendships ya no


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