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Okay so the answer is;
I have met many nice people, the nothing such as the nicest person, it's all dependent on the heart of the person, the time and the situation we are going through.
I can't even label anyone to be worst because I know that I'm not an angel myself, we all are humans and humans are like that.

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Should we read a lot of books?

Reading books is really good but that doesn't mean that the person should leave the world aside and reside in his/her books, books are good friends but books aren't people, for living you gotta get close to life, life's got more things to it than the eye sees, you gotta get knowledge from books and senses, and you gotta learn from experiences.
Same is the case with Namaaz(Salah) those who pray most of the time aren't really close to God, they are just barely doing something obligatory, to be close to God, you gotta be close to humanity, God resides in His creatures, the love of God flows from individual to individual, so locking up oneself away from everyone and praying doesn't make us the closest to God.

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Why mostly people in our country hate pathans ??

Everyone doesn't has the heart to give love,
its not just that the people hate pathans its generally acceptable that those who have hatred in their cups will always be hateful , it doesn't matter to whom they are being hateful.
We are Khalq e Khuda, Ashraful Makhlookat it doesn't matter if we are Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhis ,Balochis or Kashmiris, we all are one , we all are creation of Allah, we are born to love , love is the centre of universe, it's the whole reason for creation of the universe.

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Have you ever been rude to someone and you didn't mean it? What did you do after that?

I never mean to be rude, but I don't tolerate people getting too personal with me and crossing their limits, I am an introvert and don't welcome everyone into discussing my life so if I don't reply, I won't reply, if I don't want to talk, I won't talk, if I made a fake accounts for staying hidden and surfing the web then that's what I'll do, I'm not answerable to any human for that.

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