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I feel like my family is tearing apart, we're not how we used to be. I dont want to say we're broken but a part of it is. Home doesn't feel like home anymore.

I have been there, but we are probably in the same boat, different cabin. It's hard not to feel sad but yep you know there's thing soon going to crumble. But regardless of everything, just make sure you take care of yourself first —
Because when everything's changing it doesn't mean we have to let the changes affect ourself too. Embrace it instead. Find someone to talk to if u need one 💕

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I'm constantly torn between telling her that i love her and not telling her out of fear of rejection. Any advices?

tell her, drop a hint or something if you cannot directly tell her on the face ._. take gradual steps, don't rush things especially if that girl may seem like someone who takes precaution when it comes to feeling. If you being rejected, things would probably be awkward BUT its all about how you are going to react on that matter.
because not doing something is also a choice that u would probably regret the most later :')
goodluck bruv :D

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Kenapa lelaki selalu bagitau semua orang yang dia suka perempuan tu tapi tak pernah berterus terang dengan perempuan tu sendiri ?

...................................tu bahan nak membawang? K tak, gurau. Macam bila perempuan ada crush lah kot, some people just do not have that much courage untuk bagitau that one person compare to others.

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