Ask @blackfangs_101:

Are you high School student? Or college student? What you take and where your School?

I’m going to high school so I’m gonna take jewelry making and other stuff like P.E but not choir this time cuz I’m just done and did it for to long and my lovely teacher turned into a devil sometimes but she was still nice but still sassy but anyways I’m going to auburn high school

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How can u call a person who saying that you’re his best friend but saying bad things about u to the whole class ?

Well first off he’s not your best friend if he’s talking like that about you if I were u I’d try to figure out why the hell this boi his talking trash about me but that’s just me 😂 but I don’t stand for that sh** so just handle it calmly and not scary like I would but that just me again 😂

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