Ask @blackicethegame:

What's on your summer reading list?

Oh man, I really only read now while traveling (which is a shame, because I used to be a voracious reader), but right now I've got Mirrorshades and Heiroglyph siting on my desk waiting to be read. That, and I need to finish the Bridge trilogy, since all I've read is Virtual Light.

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What is the worst gift you have ever received?

One time my parents gave us camouflaged coveralls (think a onesie but without footies and for going outside) and INSISTED that, instead of playing with our toys, we put them on immediately for pictures.
We whined and complained but finally relented, only to find out that they only wanted us to put them on because it was cold outside and there was now a trampoline in our back yard.
Worst/Best present ever??

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Do you have a favorite sci-fi armor or robotic/android design? Could be manga, anime, movie, television, video game..whatever

The Ghost in the Shell cyberbodies strike me as the most realistic and cool. The best I've seen in a movie have probably been the I, Robot androids - intentionally designed to obviously be robots, outside of the uncanny valley, but with expressive faces to make them relatable. Plus I liked the blue glow.

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Why do Finality, Jump Servers, Easy Target Manufacturers, and Shops not have any information booths?

main underscore
Finality because it needs to be mysterious, jump servers because it wouldn't physically fit, the tutorial building because I want to focus on teaching people the game (and it's a simulation, not the real net), and store buildings because I'm lazy - they'd have to be different from normal servers.

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What is the biggest idea you have for the future of black ice and what is one you look forward to adding.

Either the quest system or the server networking is going to be the big improvement. Quests because it'll give you a reason to risk something, and maybe change up how you play, and server networking becuase you'll have to make choices of which servers to hack to make it easier or harder. I think these meta-elements are going to be great.

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What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Teleportation, because your DNA always gets mixed up with whatever insects get in the transmission chamber and you have to go on a rampage and kill everyone before being fixed by the one guy who warned you at the beginning. It's a pain.
In all seriousness, probably bus. All the pains of air travel with none of the benefits. I love road trips, but done properly - in a large car or van that I can sleep in when I'm not driving, and plenty of entertainment and snack options.

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