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How do you tell someone you have been best friends will since elementary school that I am sick of their behavior and if they don’t fix it than I will no longer be friends with her. It’s so hard to tell her because she always plays the victim and I know that she will start drama.

Just tell her the truth and have a witness to you being nice and her playing the victim, someone you trust. Then whatever she says won’t matter because you have proof of what you said. Maybe even have them record it on your phone if you think that’s necessary.

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You're like really nice, thanks

Thank you, I dont hear that very often. And anytime, I know how hard things like this can be but I believe in you :)

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+2 answers in: “So one of my friends is going through a situation with her parents that i went through from my step mom(mental abuse) and i hate it bc seeing what happened to me and how i feel about myself bc of it. I hate that she might feel that way. I can't stand the thought of her thinking the way i do it hurts”

Anyone play Rainbow Six Siege? What was your Best, Funniest or Rage Quit moment?

I play siege and I barely started a few months ago so I am not that good. Long story short I was playing a casual and I was sick so I wasnt playing too great when I get an invite to the rest of the teams party. And the second I joined they started talking trash until I said, "Do you think I care if I suck?" and they all started freaking out because I am a girl and started to say stuff like "maybe we shouldnt disrespect her like that" I diedddddddd 😂

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