Ask @blaxican1254:

I meant what she's not even pretty and she's a total bitch I don't understand what any guy sees in her

Okay well fuck you for thinking like that.
You're only saying that because you probably screwed her over or just plain dont like her. she wouldnt act like that to anyone unless she had a legitimate reason. And hell no! Shes pretty. Shes beautiful. Just dazzling. Shes the most kindest, cutest person I know and she's mine.
Lol so to sum it up.
Fuck you
Fuck your opinions
and fuck your beliefs.

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Lol, you don't even know the real her! She's the ugliest person inside and out and is never nice but she thinks everyone has to be nice to her? Fuck that just wait until you know the real taylor and you'll see her for who she really is. Plain and simple

Lol thats funny because ive known her for FOUR FUCKING YEARS. I'm pretty sure I know the "Taylor" whatever the fuck that means. And she doesn't care about how people approach her. if they're nice she's nice back. If they're a total bitch (like you) then shes gonna be the same to them. She's real unlike you. She doesn't have to hide her name to state facts about things.
And like I said
She's the most Kindest, sweetest, cutest, fondest, cutie patootie I know. Inside and out.
Once you get to know the 'Real Taylor' you'll know.
Plain and simple

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Kelsee Bockelman?

She's my bestfriend that feels more like a sister really. She's really beautiful and funny. she loves to ride inside of cats while old black people make her feel fat lol. Well we haven't really spoke in while I guess because of an misunderstanding but no matter what I'm.always going to be here for whatever she needs. and hopefully she will let me take her to Bahama bucks to sort out these misunderstandings. I LOVE YOU GIRLY THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WHEN NO ONE ELSE WASNT

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tell me a little about your life? And what have you been through?

well I.use to serve back in 92 in the cold pits of Mexico looking for the very wanted Chicano hector Verrera. He was a sly cholo that could not be underestimated.
he knew how to deal.his yu-gi-oh cards roght and for every move he had his handy trap card. He had played his cards nicely and now. I live in regret masking away my mouth as I chew because of my hatred and self derived vengeance for the longing of that treacherous battle.

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